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Whenever I take my kids for a walk around the neighborhood, I still need to bring a few necessities with me. I can’t just lock the door and then head out on our way. Things I need to bring with me are my cell phone, my keys, and a little bit of cash. Where do I store these things when I don’t want to lug my purse around? I have to put these things in my pockets. The issue with pockets is that the items jiggle around in there and don’t actually stay inside most of the time. I fear that my keys and cell phone would pop out of my pockets when I am chasing after my kids and I would lose them without knowing it. So I would have to run around with my hand constantly feeling my pockets to check if my things are still in there. It’s stressful and it feels like paranoia. I just don’t like it. What I do like is having a small personal item belt.

Holds Items Discreetly

My Small Personal Item belt holds all of my important personal items discreetly during any activity. Whether I am going for a run, walking my dog, dancing Zumba at the gym, or just wearing clothes that have no pockets. My SPIbelt holds everything that I want bounce-free and very snug on my body. I am relieved, I don’t have to worry about misplacing or being distracted holding my things. It is truly a genius idea to make such a belt that is not bulky or in the way. It’s not like any fanny pack, because the SPIbelt is made more fashion trendy with the option of various prints. I have the Stars and Stripes theme and I love its classic look. It’s small design is just so cute and comfortable!

Free Your Hands

I think of the SPIbelt as the original running belt. Someone was smart enough to design something made to carry your personal items while running bounce-free.  I love that I am hands free as well. There is no need to be distracted by my phone bouncing up and down in my pockets. It is amazing that the belt is made with stretchy material, so it holds large smart phones like an iPhone 7 Plus. I can put all my top important stuff in there and feel good knowing that my things are stored properly, yet still not in my way.

Not just for Working Out and Fitness

When traveling, losing vital items like your passport can be a nightmare. With SPIbelt, you can keep your important identification and cash close and more important, discreet and hidden. With the belt wrapped around your waist, no one really has the chance of grabbing it from you and stealing what is inside. You can hide it under your jacket and wrapped around your waist. It looks like more like a cute belt than anything that screams I’m a bag. Think about using it for storing your medical needs too. Things like an epipen, migraine pills, band-aids, and even a menstrual pad can be store in there. It’s not just practical to have, it’s actually ideal to have!
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