For Christmas 2009, technology entrepreneur Brett Cramer wanted to share his new-found fascination with gourmet sea salts with his family and friends. Enjoying woodworking as well as being an avid gourmet cook, he handcrafted a wooden base out of scrap lumber to hold test tubes filled with exotic sea salts from around the world.  His wife Jennifer, an interior designer, wanted to start a company and thought that Brett’s creation would be an ideal way to enter the gourmet gift business. And that was the start of The Spice Lab. The Spice Lab is like the coolest spice company by far I have reviewed. They not only have awesome spices, they also put them in cool tubes in a holder for your home.

My husband is usually the cooker in the house,  These spices have come in handy more often than the spices we already have. My husband loves this set, he loves the fact that they are right there at his fingertips while cooking instead of having to search through all the other spices. He just loves the cool idea, of the glass tubes in the wooden holder. This set sits perfectly on the oven with our other spices. It is pretty long and tall, but very well made that it holds well into place. They also sent some samples, spoon as well with the set. We already used up the some of the sea salts up fast, and refilled it with another sea salt we went and purchased. The cool part you can reuse the tubes, and just get tape and write the spice and stick it on the tube. The corks fit well, letting no moisture in at all. This is a great sea salt mix of spices for all types of food! Be creative and try out new salts and spices. For more information click here.


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