This is a great “Spicy Good BBQ.” I was looking for a BBQ sauce that would give my ribs that just right spice for my Sunday night dinner. It had to be spicy and not too sweet nor hot. This sauce brought the perfect balance between spice and flavor.


As I poured the “Spicy Good BBQ” over my ribs to marinate I could see the spices in the sauce. I began to smell the spices as they escaped the bottle.  The bottle said “The longer the “Spicy Good BBQ” sits, the spicier it gets.” With that in mind, I only allowed sauce to sit and marinate an hour before putting it in the oven.


As it cooked in the oven I completed the rest of my meal wondering if I had allowed the “Spicy Good BBQ” enough time to get a good spicy flavor. The smell of spice filled the room as I assured myself that an hour was enough time.

Removing the pan from the oven, I was hoping to see a thick paste of sauce clinging to my ribs. But the sauce looked a little too thin. With the spicy smell still filling the air I was once again assured it would still be great.

“Spicy Good BBQ” don't fail me now. I watched my family as the fixed their plates. I noticed two of them trying to scoop more sauce from the bottom of the pan to put on their ribs.


After blessing the food I watched as they all enjoyed their ribs along with the rest of their meal. This brought a smile to my face knowing that “Spicy Good BBQ” had past the test.

I am sure you will enjoy this sauce as much as I did along with my family. I recommend that you try it first on chicken. “Spicy Good BBQ” you are going on my next batch of Hot wings.

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