Want to be colorful for just one day?  Or perhaps you want to experiment with a bold color before you commit on a more permanent level?

Splat 1 Wash is an easy & fun to use temporary hair color that won't leave you in a panic!  You get all the benefits of a vibrant color without the harsh chemicals of most other hair dyes.  Their dye formula is gentle on your hair without drying it out but keeps the color in place without chalky dust residue.  It's cruelty free, vegan, gluten-free, ammonia & paraben free, non-GMO and made in the USA!!  No bleaching required as it works on all hair colors – from light to dark.  And when you're done, simply wash it out with warm water.  No fuss no muss!  🙂

Included in the box are:

1 tube of color

1 comb applicator

You'll notice there are no gloves to use because the dye rinses off THAT easily!  Just a dab of soap and warm water and your skin will show no signs of dye.  There's also no chemical smell or odor.

I decided to try the Electric Green on my hair with my husband assisting me.  The instructions are easy to follow.  You can find them either printed on a slip of paper found inside the box or printed on the inside of the box itself.  The applicator works for curly hair, wavy or straight.  I have thick and wavy hair.  I found it to be fairly easy to run the comb through my hair.  Now you will want to apply the dye on clean, DRY, combed hair for the best results.  This dye is not meant for wet hair, only dry.



I highly recommend having your hair styled how you want it first.  Do this before applying the hair dye.  The dye is like a thick cream and it dries to your hair and can make your hair feel kinda stiff.  We applied the dye to my hair color and let it dry.  I was able to run a brush through it to help soften it back out.  The color is amazing!  The color is so bright and lots of fun to look at!  Mix them up and try fun color combinations.  Use them all and go for a full rainbow look.  This product is perfect for concerts, parties, raves, dance clubs, cosplay, Halloween, cheering your favorite sports teams, clubbing, special events and fundraisers or just because you want to have fun for whatever reason!

Be sure to check this out along with their many other products at SPLATHAIRCOLOR.COM


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