Planning your wedding can be quite stressful, it goes without saying. There are a lot of things to keep track of, and you want your wedding to be a unique day. There are plenty of things that can go right, but there are also plenty of things that can go wrong. But one of these things that can have an effect which you don't really notice while you're doing the planning is, in fact, you taking on most of the duties, more than your partner is. And it can be very easy to be a bridezilla in some ways, we're all guilty of it to some extent because we want to have a perfect day! It’s important to split the duties between you and your partner equally, and here is how you do it.



Plan The Things You're Interested In Individually

No doubt there are things that you aren't too fussed about when it comes to the planning, but maybe your partner is? Things like picking the wedding music might not be your thing at all, but if your partner is very keen on music and would like it to form a big part of their special day, then it is worth splitting the duties in this respect, and there are plenty of sites like where you can find musicians quickly.


Make A List

Yes, another list! It is only fair to split the duties equally, and this can only be done by making a list where you can see every single thing that needs to be done. So you can make sure that you aren't taking over the operation and that you are both doing your fair share when preparing for the big day. Being organized is one of the key traits to getting a wedding booked, set up, and completed so make sure you both have an equal share of the duties.


Compromise Is The Key

While you may have had the perfect wedding in your mind since the age of 5, it's unrealistic to have everything done as you want it. The best way to do this is to split the list into three columns, one labelled “yours,” one labelled “mine,” and one labelled “ours.” You can both take it in turns to list everything that is important to you individually, and then the things that are on both columns can be transferred to the “ours” column which you can both work on with an equal share. A lot of people struggle to compromise, so this works out perfectly.


Find Out What You Both Don’t Care About And Let It Go

In the midst of planning, there are things which you might care about with a passion, and there are things that you might not care about. But if you both find out what you don't really care for then it doesn't become a big deal in that respect, because it gives you a sense of perspective on what really matters in 30 years’ time. The design of the placemats might not matter so much then! On the other hand, things like the rings which are the symbol of your love do matter, and so they need more care and attention, especially if your partner is into an alternative style of ring. This is where a compromise comes in again! Something like a camo wedding ring is one of those unusual styles, and so if he wants to where that type of ring then certainly it is his wish, and you can find camo wedding rings here: to see if it suits. And while you may feel that you should have a say on his style of the wedding ring, you aren’t going to be wearing it, so you need to let it go. But while so many little things don't actually matter, you need to realize that you shouldn't focus so much on certain trivial things.


Are There Duties That You Both Don’t Need To Do?

Things like a wedding website or general admin duties don't necessarily take priority when you're trying to buy the perfect dress. So can you “outsource” these duties to a relative or a member of the bridal party? If so, that makes your list of duties much less stressful, and you can focus on the really important things for you and your partner.


Have You Spoken To Each Other Recently?

And I mean properly! Have you sat down and spoken about things that aren't wedding related in the last few months at all? It can be a whirlwind trying to get everything done that you might have actually taken the focus off the real reason you are getting married in the first place. And the planning might actually be the reason you're not communicating with each other properly and if you are having issues sharing the duties. So have an open and frank conversation about how it's going, but also make time for yourselves! After the big day has been and gone, it's just going to be you two anyway. Remember that!


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