It is that time of year again for spring cleaning.  I always thought it was crazy that people only cleaned in the spring when I was very young. As I got older, I noticed a certain thing about the spring.  I would open my windows to “air out” the house and get some fresh air coming in and change my winter clothes over to summer clothes.  Still not sure if that is part of spring cleaning but I do look forward to that time of year when I can open the windows and get nice fresh air in!  Of course spring cleaning (or any type of cleaning) is always much better when you have the right tools that do not make it feel like you are working that hard. If you fee; like hiring someone to clean there's always , to save you the hassle.

The first thing you are going to want when you are spring cleaning is the tools to make your house smell nice and fresh.  That is where Libman products come in.   Mops, brooms, scrubbers, bathroom brushes, kitchen brushes, dusters, cloths, sponges, hardwood floor cleaners, multi-surface cleaners, lint rollers, grill brushes, window squeegees – it is really one stop shopping for cleaning.  They have everything you will need to get your house nice and fresh for spring.  The Libman Company has been around for over 120 years so they know something about cleaning!  To find out where you can buy Libman products near you, just search here.


To help keep your air clean Guardian Technologies have air purifiers that not only capture odors, mold, and pollen, but can kill airborne bacteria.  They also have humidifiers and air sanitizers which can improve the air quality in your home and all without chemicals.  Let's face it, it is very easy to clean your floors and dust but there is pretty much nothing you can do about the air.  Well, now you can clean your air as well as the rest of your house!  Especially important if you have allergies or asthma! They also have articles you can read to help you out, such as the benefits of using a humidifier in the summer and can help you pick out the right fit for your home.

Don't dread spring cleaning!  These companies can help make your life a lot easier with products that will make spring cleaning easy and make your house nice and fresh!

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