Spring Has Sprung: Outdoor Spring Maintenance Ideas

Spring Has Sprung: Outdoor Spring Maintenance Ideas

The outdoor spring to-do list is a bit more exciting than the one for indoor spring cleaning. We wait with anticipation through the long winter for the lazy days of summer to arrive, and spring is the doorway to get there. Complete your outdoor spring maintenance while the weather is mild and the trees are budding, then sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Clean the Gutters

Make way for spring showers by cleaning out your gutters. Fall and winter surely left them full of leaves and debris. If they get clogged, you’ll have a drainage issue on your hands, which can lead to damage.

Fix Screens

Check all window and door screens for tears and other damage. Replace broken screens so the fresh air can come in.

Get the Grill Ready

There’s nothing worse than heading out to fire up the grill on a beautiful day only to find that the propane tank is empty.

Take a little time to scrub down the grill and stock up on charcoal or propane. When the mood for a burger strikes, you’ll be glad you took the time to prepare.

Improve Curb Appeal

As long as you are outside, step back and look at the front of your house. How is the curb appeal looking?

Spring is a great time to consider adding exterior shutters to give the windows a facelift. If your home’s landscaping is looking drab, do some spring gardening. Also, touch up the front door with some paint if necessary.

A/C Check

Hot days are ahead and we will all be thankful for efficient air conditioning when they arrive. Schedule a spring check-up with an HVAC professional for a good cleaning and maintenance check.

In the meantime, clear out branches and bushes that are in the way of the A/C unit outside.

Outdoor Furniture

Now is the time to uncover your deck, porch, and outdoor furniture and get it cleaned up and ready to go. A little soapy water and a day of drying in the sun will do the trick.

When the lemonade is chilled and the sun is hot, you’ll be thankful you can plop in your favorite outdoor seat.

Give the Birds a Place To Rest

Spring mornings are filled with chirping birds, and they are now looking for food and a place to call home.

If you already have birdhouses and feeders, clean them out and stock up on birdseed for your feathered friends. If not, your local home improvement store has a great selection.

Time To Plan the Garden

Gardeners love this time of year, and it’s never too late to try a little gardening as a newbie.

Spring is the time to start planning what you will grow as the warmer months approach. Get out in the yard to clear an area for your garden or wash up the pots that you will use for a simple potted garden. Depending on the climate you live in, spring may even be time to start sowing seeds.

Enjoy these outdoor spring maintenance ideas as you get excited about what’s to come.

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