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Spring Into A Buzz Box

Spring Into Beessential's Buzz Box For The Best Natural Products For Your Body

Depending on what part of the world you're living in, you might be enjoying Spring.  I'm in Omaha, Nebraska and yes, it's definitely Springtime here.  We are having lots of beautiful days, but along with that comes the rain.  I guess we all have to deal with a little of that if we want to enjoy the good weather.  So now we have to get caught up in taking care of our skin and we can all do that with a Buzz Box.  If you're anything like me you tend to let it go a bit in the winter.  In order to make those legs smooth and sexy you need a great body cream, am I right?  You'll also need something to make that hair shine in the sun!  I've got the perfect thing for you.

Beessential sent me their Buzz Box – Shower Gift Box and I absolutely love it.  It is full of natural, full-size products that you get to choose from.  The box that I received included Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo/Conditioner, Honey Balm Lip Balm (3 pack), Honey & Oat Exfoliating Bar of Soap, and my favorite of the box, Hand & Body Cream (Original Honey – Unscented).  The hand cream is to die for!  My hands have never felt so silky and soft before.  There's no greasy, leftover feeling at all.

Spring Into Your Very Own Buzz Box!

As I said earlier, you get to choose everything that goes into your buzz box.  That way it is completely personalized for you.  It would also make a great gift for a friend too.  You don't have to wait to let someone buy this for you, get it for yourself!  Treat and pamper yourself because there's nothing wrong with that.

This season is absolutely beautiful.  It's all about new beginnings and a new way to look at life.  I am inviting you to really take a good look at starting anew.  Do something nice for yourself or get out in nature.  Do what makes you happy and gives you peace.  Especially at this crazy, pandemic time we are all in, we need to break away and take a minute to breathe.  If it inspires you, take a Yoga class, just get out there and find some joy!

There's Lots More From Beessential

If you're not interested in a full box of items you can go to their website and get whatever your little heart desires.  They have so many natural products to choose from that you'll have a hard time picking something!  A very interesting tidbit is that the business was started because the owner had to watch a friend's bees, but he wasn't able to return.  Violà, here they are 10 years later and they have a thriving family business.  Thank you for all you do Beessential!

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