Ever heard the saying the secret to weight loss is in the food? Well, it is! I have struggled with weight, done the personal trainer and been unsuccessful. I have also followed meal plans and been successful. If you are working out but not prepping meals ahead of time, issues can arise. When you are hungry it's harder to stay on track. You have to stress about finding a place that carries what you would like to stay on track. Six Pack Fitness takes the guess work and work out of meal planning. If you are considering trying to lose weight, look into Six Pack Fitness.

Six Pack Fitness has you covered. When I first started meal prepping I found it difficult to carry everything I needed with me for the day as well as my normal daily items. Six Pack Fitness has a variety of bags that will help you carry your prepped meals and snacks as well as your other items. We have been using the Camille Tote, it's perfect for keeping my wallet, files and other items in while at the same time keeping my prepped meals cool and protected.

The Camille Tote has a zip outside compartment that will hold 4 Six Pack Fitness containers and several ice packs as well as an insulated compartment to help keep the food cool during transport. Six Pack Fitness has several bag options from duffle bags to purses to choose from, all with the insulated compartment that will hold the Six Pack Fitness storage containers.

Now that you are covered for transporting your meals it's time to think about making them. I usually spend most of Sunday prepping for the week. If I don't prep my meals I end up going off track and failing miserably. But it's a lot of work. There's menu planning, grocery shopping, preparing vegetables and fruits plus the cooking. I can't keep up. At this point in my life I do not have a day to devote to meal prep. Luckily, Six Pack Fitness recognizes and understand this obstacle and has a solution. You can customize a meal delivery plan and Six Pack Fitness will have a chef prepare the meals for you and deliver them to your door.

The meal delivery option is pretty slick. You can chose from Paleo, Clean or Vegetarian menus, then how many meals (4,3 or 2), how many days a week (7 or 5) and then what you would like in your meals (Beef, Mushroom, Shellfish, White Fish, Chicken, Nuts, Turkey, Egg, Salmon). And they will deliver your prepared food every week on Friday or Saturday via overnight delivery. All you have to do is heat it up and enjoy!

Six Pack Fitness will provide you with a solid foundation for weight loss. All you have to do is remember to pack your bag and bring it with each day!

Check out all the Six Pack Fitness supplies and meal options online.

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