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Starting New Easter Traditions

With Easter next weekend, I have been trying to figure out what to get Devon. We all know he loves Barney and Elmo and things like that. But I wanted something different, and I found it with Easter Eggesters , and I have to say they are some of the cutest stuffed animals I have seen.

Each of the stuffed animals comes in a colored egg, perfect for Easter.  Devons was a blue egg, and inside there is a skunk, something he doesn’t have, this can become a new tradition to everyone’s Easter. We have some that we have always had, and this one is something we can start new. My mom had one, she would personally make our baskets. She felt it meant more, we keep that with the younger kids. This would have definitely been something she would have loved, to give her grandchildren and great ones too.

Hatch an egg and see what the perfect stuffed animal is. Have your child decorate the eggs to how they want it to look. The best thing I feel is the magical storybook, Devon loves when we read to him, and this is the perfect book for him. There is a rabbit, a skunk, a squirrel, & a raccoon. I got mine directly from EasterEggsters,


The book is perfectly written, and for most children, it is a magical one. Every child has so many questions about, I think my nieces favorite was who helps the Easter Bunny if Santa has his elves.

What we get with our Eater Eggsters

  • One 10 in. jointed plush Eggster from the Easter Bunny’s Workshop
  • One 8 in. egg – Ready to be decorated!
  • One EASTER EGGSTERS: An Easter Tradition storybook including pages to record easter memories.

This will be an Easter tradition of mine with my nephews, they will get a new one every year. I might keep them for myself, they are so cute and cuddly.

There so many great benefits you will get from these eggs.

  • Creates fun family moments!
  • Encourages children to be good!
  • Inspires creativity!

And when Easters done, you can use the bottom part of the egg as a cereal bowl as my husband has, with Devons.

Here is some background on how this all began.

I am so excited to share a magical Easter tradition with you that is sure to bring fun family memories to your homes each and every year. It all began with a few questions from my daughters: “Who helps the Easter Bunny?”, “Where does he live?” and “How does he know who is being naughty and who is being nice?”

Then one morning around Valentine’s Day, my girls woke up to find four large Easter eggs. The girls opened the colorful eggs to find a rabbit, a squirrel, a skunk, and a raccoon. In the egg with the skunk, the girls noticed a letter from the Easter Bunny himself!

The letter explained that these animals are his helpers and they are called Easter Eggsters. The girls learned that the Eggsters stay at our home to watch and listen for good or bad behavior. Each night, after everyone goes to sleep, the Eggsters return to the Easter Bunny’s workshop in their magical eggs to file their daily reports. On Easter Eve, they make their final reports to the Easter Bunny and then stay with him to help with their busiest night of the year.

if you’re looking for some new traditions, look no further  Easter Eggsters is the best you can have.



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