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Staying Nice And Warm In The Winter

Growing up in NJ, where the winters were so bad, that you would be freezing even when you were in the house. When  I first moved to South Carolina, the two places we lived was so bad.  They were so hot in the summer time and freeing the winter,  Bladeless Ceramic Heater with Remote Control, this would be the perfect heater for small places.

Bladeless Ceramic heater provides exclusive heat channels for long-range heat projection. The EZtouch controls provide an added convenience as does the multi-function remote control. An adjustable thermostat gives the user more control over the desired temperature in your room, makes the room so nice and warm.

What I think is the best part, is there are no blades, and kids won’t get their hands caught and hurt. 27-inch tall bladeless remote control heater with heat channels for long-range heat projection; Patented blower technology and widespread oscillation, Specially Designed Heat Channels Blend Air with Heat to Deliver a Quick, Uniform and Long Range Heat Projection


The bladeless heater boasts uniquely designed Heat Channels that provide uniform and continuous heat projection. The efficient transfer of heat is maximized through a combination of ceramic heat and ambient air. With its safe touch surface and no visible element, this heater is safe for the active home environment.   No visible element and safe-touch surface, Automatic shut-off feature and tip-over safety switch.

This heater comes with exclusive heat channels for long-range heat projection, built-in safety features to keep children from harm, EZtouch controls, and a remote control that gives consumers control over their climate without getting up from their couch or bed. This heater also includes:

·        An adjustable thermostat with an 8-hour auto-off timer

·        Widespread oscillation that heats the entire home, dorm, or apartment

·        Two quiet settings (high heat, low heat, and auto)

Permanent Rear Filter with EZClick System Helps to Keep the Heater Free of Debris While the Heat Channels Can Easily be Wiped Clean

Perfect for those cold winter nights, or just to take the chill out of the house, this will keep you warm and you can do it all from the remote control.



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