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Desirable Steeped Coffee

How fun it is it to drink a steeped coffee that you can literally take anywhere with you? Places like camping trips, on the road and at the office. With a prepackage pouch that makes having coffee very conveniently, why wouldn’t I drink it? I love my Steeped Coffee, because besides being an avid coffee drinker I also am keen on time, and this helps me go go go!

It is so easy to drink. You submerge it in a cup and pour hot water over it. You can enjoy about eight ounces per filter pouch. Normally I do thirty seconds, but sometimes if I do longer when I have the extra time. It’s up to you depending on your taste preference. After, you can dispose of the filter or let it sit in your cup. 

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Each pouch is compostable. The packaging materials used in Steeped Coffee is sustainable and plant-based. The way the filters were designed is to allow for the water to be able to infiltrate to the coffee grounds and steep out all the delicious flavor. Yes it is like a tea bag, but better because its coffee.

I enjoy having not to worry about an espresso machine or powdered instant coffee to use. That makes me feel better. I know when I drink Steeped Coffee, it’s absolutely freshly brewed by me. It's so easy with just a filter, a string, a tab, and hot water. There are five coffee flavors for each taste bud. The sunrise blend for the light drinkers. The California blend for the medium drinkers. The Odyssey blend for the bold drinkers. Then there’s the Driftwood blend for a French roast flavor. They did not want to leave anyone out so there is also the Eventide for the decaffeinated version.

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