Stella Divina


Stella Divina

Stella Divina was born from a combination of skills, creativity and imagination. With a holiday season approaching and funds were low. She came up with some of the nicest, coolest, unique handmade gifts. Upcycled home decor pieces were a huge success! And everyone wanted one!

Since then they have gone on to produce the highest quality, upscale, functional home decor art pieces. Plus they are crafted right here in USA! This venture also lets her use skills that was learned during her schooling at Chatham University.

Stella Divina

These are very good quality and made very well. I have never thought much about my coasters while I entertain at home. But now I am obsessed with them. The above is going to look so pretty at my Christmas dinner.

Halloween Vinyl Photo Backdrops (backdrop roll)

Now this beauty is going to be laid out during my Halloween party. I love to have parties for every season and holiday. So I will have these all over my tables. You can also purchase specialized coasters that feature a photo that you have selected. That would be perfect for baby showers, birthdays or weddings. So many reasons that you can purchase specialized coasters.

Another selection that they offer is beer label coasters. My husband and I travel a lot and love to try different beers. Now, I can keep a label from each one we try and make a coaster from it. We can also browse their selection and order the beer that we have tried during our travels. I love all of the vintage coasters. I love these and I'm sure you will too.

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