Was walking around with your favourite pink coloured lipstick over your chapped lips this new year eve no less than a worse nightmare?

We totally understand your situation! 


The cold and dry weather is to be blamed for your moisture-free, chapped lips. 


Our lips have the most delicate skin and it is also thin as compared to the rest of our face. Hence, it tends to dry out faster in the winter season. So, taking care of it is utmost essential. 


No, the process does not need to be lengthy and tedious. 


All you have to do is follow this step-wise mentioned below and you shall be good to go. 



  • HYDRATE, it is the most important of all



It is very convenient for us to blame the harsh weather these days. 


But, did we introspect?




And, that’s what we need to do. During winters, we tend to feel less thirsty and as a result, our water intake unknowingly and unwillingly decreases. And, this dehydration impacts our lips and in fact, our overall body. 


So, the first thing to prevent lips from chapping and losing their lustre and pink pigmentation this winter season is to drink lots of water. Because, what goes inside the body reflects on the outside! 



  • Saliva on lips: A BIG NO



When your lips feel dry, you reflexively lick them.


We get it, you can’t help it. But, please stop right away! 


No matter how tempted you feel to do so, refrain from it. 


Dr Piliang says, “ Once you put saliva on the lips it dries out and makes lips even more dry. Plus, the enzymes present in the saliva that are meant to digest food are actually irritating to the lips.”  


Think about it thrice the next time you feel like doing it! 



  • Exfoliating your lips is vital 



Just like your skin needs exfoliation, your lips do too. The main aim of exfoliation is to remove any dead skin that may have settled atop your skin. So, when you exfoliate your lips, you are actually getting rid of the pesky flaky skin. 


Next thing? Pink and soft lips to your rescue! 


However, do keep in mind that you need to exfoliate your lips just once a week. It shall be more than enough. 


Doing it excessively shall result in redness and irritation. So, kindly take care. 



  • Moisturize your lips often



With often, we mean, multiple times a day. 


Prevent them from getting dry by applying a moisturizing ointment-based lip balm. 


This will restore the lost moisture of your lips and lock it for long. Besides, it also helps to repair any cracks and splits in the skin. 


According to Dr Piliang


What essentials to look for? 


  • Petrolatum, glycerin, and other essential oils. 


What stuff to avoid? 


  • Lip products containing eucalyptus, menthol, and camphor


(These substances do nothing better than further drying your lips. Plus, their constant application in short intervals does them much worse.)



  •  NEVER peel off the flaky skin of your lips 



We know how frustrating the flakiness on your lips feel. 


But, for the betterment of your lips, we suggest you to not peel off the flaky skin over it. 


Dr Piliang says, “It’s better not to scrub your lips or peel the skin off with your teeth or fingers.That just creates cracks and sores on your lips and make things worse. Instead, apply a very heavy ointment-based balm that will be soothing and help to heal your lips.” 



  • Follow a bedtime lip routine



Yes, you read that right. 


Just like we follow a hair care regime and skin care regime, we also must also have a lip care regime for the night. 


That being said, first wash your lips thoroughly with water (either cold or lukewarm whatever suits you) in order to remove any dust. 


Pat them dry and once that’s done, apply a lip balm over it. (We’ve already talked about the lip balm essentials in the point above)


This will help keep your lips moisturized the entire time and you shall wake up to beautiful looking pink lips each morning. 


Final Word


Follow these lip care steps in your everyday routine this winter season and ensure a perfect pout. Do make sure to invest in a good quality lip balm and other essentials. 


If you don’t feel like going to the store to buy any of the stuff, order online via BritSuperstore


Go flaunt that new lip colour on your super soft lips, girl! 


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