Mesolyft Skin Care System

Step Up Your Skin Care Game - Mesolyft Skin Care System


If you’re looking for something a little more involved than just a skin cream  to help you step up your skin care game, then you’re going to be interested in MesoLyft Skin Care. It’s a skin care line based on the centuries-old European treatment of Mesotherapy which involves vitamin injections. Don’t get freaked out, though, this skin care line features products that are delivered to the skin via a roller with micro-needles and is actually painless in reality.

Mesolyft is the perfect product line for those of us who are getting a bit older and are noticing changes likely due to the loss of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin give us that firm and radiant skin we enjoy in our youth. Even if you haven’t noticed age-related changes you can begin using these products to get a head start.

First comes the pump – perfectly measured drops of serum on the MesoLyft tip. Then the roller glides over the treatment area, as dozens of micro-needles exfoliate dead cells and push active ingredients into primed, thirsty skin. MesoLyft is time-tested technique, modern day formulas, and results-driven technology –all rolled into one. —– Mesolyft Website

The MesoLyft line features a blend of vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to deliver powerful nutrients to skin in a super easy delivery system. It’s like getting a fancy spa treatment right in your own home. The collection includes products to address key areas of concern to many women: skin, eyes, lips and decolletage (the skin of your neck and upper chest that is often ignored by skin care lines).

Mesolyft Skin Care


How to use the MesoLyft Skin Care line:

  1. Wash and dry your face
  2. Pump the serum onto the wheel
  3. Press and roll in each direction 6 times
  4. Wash the wheel under warm running water
  5. Shake off excess water and let dry
  6. For best results use nightly


I like the fact that there aren’t complicated instructions or iron-clad routines that must be followed. You can use one or two of the products in the line or all of them. The choice is up to you and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Also, using the products is quick and easy. This is important to me, especially because at night when I’m getting ready for bed I’m too tired to focus on complicated, multi-step skin care regimens. The MesoLyft line sits right there on my sink in the bathroom, takes up very little counter space, and looks pretty, too!

Mesolyft Skin Care System

I like all four of the products, but I’m particularly loving the Eyes and Lips products. Being that I’m in my mid-forties I’ve noticed some mild changes in how plump my lips look and the skin under my eyes is beginning to lose its youthful elasticity a little bit. MesoLyft is helping me to combat the effects of aging skin, I would recommend it to anyone worried about the effects of aging on their beautiful skin.

While my nightime routine has been focused on the MesoLyft Skin Care line, I’ve been researching and trying day time eye creams, as well.

Leveled Eye's Firming Cream

One I’ve been using recently is Leveled Eye's Firming Cream. Every morning after washing and moisturizing my skin I dab a small amount under and around my eye for a little added boost to the skin.

This firming cream delivers hydration to the skin in the delicate eye area and also includes other nourishing ingredients like fresh pearl dust that melts into the skin giving it a smoother appearance, shea organic butter, avacado, and vitamins A, D and E that boosts collagen production and treats age spots. A tiny bit of this eye cream goes a long way and I really like the effect on my skin every morning before I jump into the day ahead of me.

Leveled Eye's Firming Cream

Hey, I’m okay with getting older, but I don’t have to surrender my skin to it if there is a way to keep it looking younger longer. Am I right or am I right? What is your greatest skin concern?


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