Steps to Follow When Resigning While Working From Home


When you are resigning while working from home, specific steps need to be followed to not affect your working relationship with your employer. If you have a good rapport with your boss, the resignation process is bound to go through without too much stress on both parties. However, if you're leaving because of conflict between yourself and you’re superior, then chances are that things might get a little harder before they get better. Resigning effectively while working at home will allow both you and your employer to part ways amicably while enabling you to remain professional during the process. Here's how it's done:


1) Preparing yourself mentally

It isn't easy deciding to resign, after all, quitting means waving goodbye to a steady source of income. So, the first step you need to take is to prepare yourself and your family for this big change. Make sure that you're mentally ready for it before enacting the other steps on this list.

2) Inviting your employer for a meeting

Once you're ready to commit, then it's time to inform your boss about it. If he or she has asked you whether or not you plan on resigning during one of your reviews, then now's the time to let them know that it's official. However, if they haven't mentioned anything yet, simply schedule an appointment with him/her and tell them that there is something important that needs their attention. Be confident when telling them, and don't let them catch you by surprise.

 3) Discussing your reasons for resigning

When you meet up with your employer, make sure, to be honest about why you want to resign. They may not like hearing what you have to say, but at least they will know that it's not because of their management style or anything like that. Explain that it's simply a matter of personal preference and that there isn't any bad blood between the two of you; after all, this is meant to help both parties part on good terms.

4) Asking for advice before leaving

Even if things didn't go as smoothly as planned during your meeting with your former superior, saying goodbye shouldn't be too difficult. However, if you feel that the situation will turn sour afterward, it would be best to ask for advice or pointers on handling your resignation professionally beforehand. This way, you can leave with confidence and pride, knowing that you've given it your all during the process.


5) Leaving things behind in working order

The last step is simple; hand in any materials or equipment that belongs to your company and make sure everything is left in good condition before walking out the door. There's no need to burn bridges when resigning while working from home; after all, these are valuable relationships that should be treasured, not destroyed.


You can follow these steps to resign while working from home to maintain a good relationship with your employer and put the past behind you. Remember that no matter how much of a difference between yourself and you’re superior, it's always best not to make things personal as this will only serve as an obstacle when dealing with any future endeavors with companies even remotely related to your previous one.


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