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Stocking Stuffers Made Fun

Are you looking for those perfect stocking stuffers, something that someone you know would love. When it comes to my car, I love for it to smell good and fresh. We are always vacuuming it, because we have nothing but sand around where we park.

Do you love aroma therapy, well how about it on the go in the car. CAR DIFFUSER FOR AROMA THERAPY, perfect to use on the go and get some much-needed relief, from headaches and more. Goddesses, this is a special offering.

A new and fun one for SG! A car diffuser so you can diffuse your car with magical goodness. If you’re anything like me, you spend

A LOT of time in your car. Driving is not fun. Everyone is in a rush. People are inconsiderate. Traffic. And if you have kids like I do, you know how much they can stink up your car. Sweaty uniforms, mud, sick tummies.

Our brain is triggered by the smell in a way that we can’t even explain. And yet, we’re moved. This amazing car diffuser plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car and is both an air humidifier and an aroma diffuser. It releases a fine mist that removes static electricity, reduces radiation generated by electrical components, and also eliminates dust.

This has saved me from many headaches in the car, it also helps with my stomach is acting up. Great for all of this and more.


Are you a candle person, and love the scent of pumpkin. Well, I have the perfect thing for you, PUMPKIN CANDLES, are the thing you need. These pumpkin candles are absolutely scrumptious.

They’re made up of three decadent fall-inspired layers: pumpkin marshmallow, pumpkin & caramael, and last, but certainly not least — pumpkin spice!

Light one of these enchanting candles to immediately infuse your space with the warm, comforting vibrations of the blissful pumpkin that are so welcome during these colder autumn months.  These are the months are always my favorites, the baking of pies and cookies always reminds me of my mom.


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