We all know that there is bullying that goes on in schools and it has for years. Now the bullying isn’t looked at as some harmless kids being mean it is a epidemic now and it is having horrific causes . Bullying hasn’t just stayed in school kids are being bullied online on their cell phones through text messages. Some of the bullying has had horrible out comes . Kids  think that bullying someone is no big deal but it is. Kids are being bullied for being over weight , for to being smart , not having nice clothes or being popular they are being bullied for anything really. The kids that are being bullied think that no one cares for them and that they have no one to turn to . Well now there is an app that you can get for your smart phone it called STOPit . 

STOPit is app that you can get for your smart phone that lets kids report cases of cyber bullying to their school and it also has a 24 hr help line for the kids to call and it also connects them to legal authorities as well. despite all the efforts to stop bullying it is on fast rise . STOPit is a great tool for kids that witness cyber bullying to do something about it. In a Recent study it is said that most of the kids wouldn’t know what to do if they were bullied online , that they would change the way they act if their parents were watching. Also the majority of kids seen cyber-bulling online and did nothing about it. We have got to change the way kids are being treated and the way these bullies are punished. 

I believe with this app a lot more incidents of cyber-bulling will be reported and controlled. The app is available for individual sale and group sales. 


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