We all have some kind of a bad habit, mine and I have to admit is the biting of my nails. When I am nervous I will chew them to where they can get infected, and then have to be drained of the infection. Have been trying not to chew them, but nothing really helped so I got the Keen from HabitAware, now when I put my hand up to my mouth, I feel a vibration and know to stop.


What I loved is it was, so easy to set it up. No hassles and no kind of issues. Use our iOS or Android app to train Keen to look out for your specific behavior and movement. I was able to do both of my hands, so when I make that movement towards my face, it will vibrate and I know to stop.

We are going to get one for my nephew and hope this will stop him from, pulling his eyebrows out. If it's helped me, we are hoping it will help him too. They come in three colors so that is a plus, and are so easy to use and set up. Keen vibrates when your custom gesture is detected, waking you up!


HabitAware Keen is a wrist-worn wearable that’s very similar in style to a fitness tracker. The Keen uses gesture-detection technology to recognise when the wearer is engaging in behaviours associated with poor mental health. For most people, biting their nails is just a bad habit, but for many with mental health issues, it’s a symptom of something much more serious.


I feel that Keen is the only thing, that's helped me stop biting my nails, now I can have the nails I paid money for, myself and it feels so good.   Before starting, ensure Keen is charged up and close by, and make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on.  Now, force quit the app on your phone (don't just close it).  Plug and unplug the bracelet from the charger.  Open up the app, pull to refresh on the initial screen, and wait up to five seconds to see the bracelet.

For the perfect device to help you stop, with some bad habits this is the one you need, the Keen from HabitWare, will help the worst of nail biters, hair pullers , thumb suckers and more.


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