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Stop Those Cleavage Creases

If You're Looking To Stop Those Unsightly Cleavage Creases And Wrinkles Then This Is The Post For You!

The older I get the more wrinkles I get.  Unfortunately, they tend to show up in the strangest of places!  Not only do I have them on my face, but now I'm getting these ugly creases in my cleavage as I sleep.  Why does this have to be a new addition to my life?  Well, at least there's something I can do for them now.  Bravity has sent me their Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Bra and my girls have never been happier.  Not only does it stop those unsightly wrinkles and creases when I wake up, but it's also so comfortable to sleep in!  Your girls will be able to breathe while you sleep.  The bra supports certain areas without having to hold in your breasts.  As you can imagine this was created by women because we know our bodies.  I'm loving this new support system I have found.

Wake Up To Your Younger Looking Cleavage

I remember back in the days when I didn't have to even think about wrinkles, but would I go back?  Nope!  Unfortunately, we all get older and gravity has a way of reminding us that we're not young anymore.  Thankfully, we have intelligent people that invent these cool products that solve our problems and make our lives much better.  Which is where Bravity comes in.  I guess I noticed these crease at approximately the age of 50.  I would wake up to creases in my cleavage that seem to stay all day.  It wouldn't matter much but at the time I was working in an office and had to wear button down shirts.  The Bravity Bra would've come in handy!

So, even though I don't have anyone to show off my younger looking cleavage to, I'm doing it for me!  It makes me feel better and as I said earlier in the post, this bra is so comfortable.  I love how it feels.  I do have to be honest though and tell you that the first time I put it on it felt very strange.  My girls hanging out for all to see (not really).  Ok, I'm alone in my bed, so it was just me.  It just felt weird having my breasts uncovered and just “out there”.  However, if you can get past that, you'll love how freeing it feels.

This bra is made of 91% nylon and 9% spandex.  You can choose black or beige and the sizes go from small to extra large.

The Anti-Wrinkle Sleep Bra Isn't For You?

If you've read this and don't think the sleep bra is for you, well, just wait!  Bravity also has the Anti-Wrinkle Workout Bra (or no more uni boob sports bra as they put it on their website).  I'm sure it's just as comfortable to wear, so you should go and check it out.

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