Stop Waisting Money On Cheap Pillows!!

Stop Waisting Money On Cheap Pillows!!

Over the last 6 years that my husband and I have been together I can not tell you how much money we have spent on pillows!! If you are like us when you're out at the store and you go down the pillow isle, we just grab the pillows that are normally around 8 bucks and move on. It has never occurred to me after doing this about every 6 months for the last 6 years that we are not only waisting our time we are also waisting our money.

The first couple of nights on a new pillow may feel good, but with the ones that we have been buying we normally keep the old one and double them up after about a week due to them getting flat and no longer being comfortable.

With Valentines day coming up and not knowing what to get my husband because he has everything in the world! I actually early surprised him with a pillow from I honestly think this is his favorite gift that I have ever given him!

Valentines day

After going on their site and taking the quiz that ask you questions to assure that you pick the exact pillow for your needs, we were both made for the Cassiopeia! This is one of their top of the line pillows and I am here to tell you it was an exact fit for the both of us.

The Cassiopeia is filled with european goose down and it is the softest and most plump pillow that they have to offer! My husband pulled his out and put a pillowcase on it the same day it came in the mail and he was absolutely obsessed with it, and still is.

A funny story to this is that we have a little yorkshire terrier that is our baby! She stays loose all day while we are at work and since we have placed this pillow on the bed, as soon as we get home from work she goes to bedroom whining wanting to get up in the bed so that she can lay on this pillow. Not only are we obsessed but I think we may need to purchase her one just so she can have one to lay on during the day.


If you're looking for a unique gift to give this Valentines day I dare you to go to and take the test for yourself and see what pillow will be perfect for you! Invest in yourself and the ones you love with a gift that will keep on giving for years to come.     PS. these are machine washable ( How amazing )


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