Summer creeps up on most parents pretty fast, and before they know it, the kids need to be off to summer camp and they are faced with the nightmare of preparing them for the few days and nights away from home. Different summer camps send out different camping list requirements for the kids. This means what one carries will likely be different. In the grand scheme of things, kids are the same, and the storage needs will likely depend on how parents handle the packing of the following;


Understand what will happen in the camp, and have the kids carry enough clothing to enjoy their stay there. The typical summer camp set requires the kids to carry t-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear. Also, have them carry extra jackets, sneakers, pants, ponchos and sweatshirts. Many summer camps also involve some element of swimming, so have them carry a swimming costume.


Do not be too carried away with the kids leaving the house free, or the amount of fun they are going to have to forget to have them carry protective gear and take measures. Summer camp is essentially license to have the kids spend time outdoors at a time when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Pack cap for the kids, but also have them carry sunscreen. Mosquitoes, ticks, bedbugs and other creepy bugs can be a nuisance during the summer months. Because of this, make sure the children bring with them repellants. Make sure the repellant chosen is safe for the kids to apply on themselves.

Other items

For most parents, summer camp is a nightmare as they have to release their children for the week or so. It gets worse for kids that have to stay on medication or who are at risk of suffering attacks like asthma. It is important to have them understand the situation, and have them pack everything they need.


Packing is only but the first step, the next step will be just how they store all the items they carry with them once they get to the camp.

  • Trunk: choose a trunk that is rugged enough to survive the outdoors atmosphere for a few days. Look for one that has sturdy wheels for ease of maneuverability. Kids might not be able handle or keep track of everything, so having all items in a compact trunk will be helpful. Add extra stacking shelves to the trunk interior to create additional space. Storage boxes might help in the storage of books, treats or stickers.
  • Use travel space bags or re-usable bags to divide the space. This is not only space efficient but also helps the kid keep track of the items they brought with them. For instance, parents can pack an item in different bags, making dressing easy.
  • Plastic bags can help store wet items and facilitate laundering.

Summer needs are more complex than what most people look for at Closetbox Locations. Once everything is finished, label everything and take inventory. Start packing as early as possible, but do not over-pack and overwhelm the kids. Let them have their fun at summer camp, they need it

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