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The Story Of A Baby Heart

How does a baby heart come to be? The book, “Part Of My Heart“, by Mike Sundy and illustrated by Sansu, tells the story simply and beautifully.

Where Do Baby Hearts Come From

Have you ever heard the phrase “the birds and bees” when someone is referring to sharing reproduction with their child? That always seemed like such an awkward phrase to me when I was raising my 5 children. The topic did need to be discussed, however. As children grow, they wonder where they came from. And they wonder where that new baby came from! Mike Sundy has done a perfect job creating a gentle, loving way to talk about this subject with young children. This adorable story takes the awkwardness out of talking about how your little baby heart got here and how you have felt as they have grown.

“Before you were born, I gave a part of my heart to Mommy. And she gave a part to me.” (Part Of My Heart)

Heartwarming Illustrations by Sansu

Sungyeon Joh is a children’s book writer, illustrator and animator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is also known as Sansu (which means “mountain water” in Korean).
Sungyeon studied printmaking at Hongik University in Korea and animation at the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, she is working as a lighting artist at Pixar Animation Studios. She has done such a fantastic job of creating very heartwarming, simple illustrations for this book that are easy for a child to understand.

For “Children” Of All Ages

When I received my copy of “Part Of My Heart”, I shared it with my mother. I’m 54 years old and she is 75 years old. We both read this book with smiles on our faces. At the end, there was a collective maternal sigh. We were very touched. I was so excited to be able to share it with my kids (now all grown and some having children of their own). I want each of them to have a copy to share with their children when they start asking where baby hearts come from.

You can get your own copy by Valentine’s Day! What a great Valentine’s gift it would be! Find it on Amazon. I highly recommend the hard cover edition. You’re going to want to pass this book down through generations.

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