Looking for a way to stay grounded and stress free, try “A'Chromatherapy.”

Customers can choose their favorite color of this product. The color you choose will come with a unique and calming fragrance that represents that chosen color. There are seven different colors to choose from and each has their own unique fragrance. The powerful combination of aroma oil is dropped on a lava bead diffusing bracelet and worn on the wrist. “A'Chromatherapy” was handcrafted in Vermont. It is all natural and organic.

When you are looking for a way to escape and calm down you can pull out your “A'Chromatherapy” mini tin. There is a nature imagery in the inside the tin that will help one cultivate a stress relieving atmosphere. Just slip on the fashionable lava bead diffusing bracelet with a drop of oil. Access the “A'Chromatherapy” app with the matching color guided meditation and begin your journey.




The complete set comes in a compact mini tin that is pictured at the top. It can easily be slipped into your pocket, purse or your luggage. This zen-inducing mindfulness ritual can be done anywhere you go.

While wearing this bracelet I found myself slipping to the picture in the tin. Smelling the powerful combination of the aroma helped me to relax and slip into the picture.  I could barely hear the wind on the water but the mist of it in the air softly brushed my face as I walked on the beach. The warm sand could be felt between my toes as they were buried in the sand with every step I took. The aroma helped me to imagine the warmth of the sun on my face as I listened the the soft meditation through my headphones.

Just as I was about to close my eyes and lay on that warm sand for a good nap, a horn blew in the distance. Opening my eyes slowly to see the clock on the dashboard. Well lunch is over but I will be continuing this journey of mindfulness at another time.

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Where would you like to go or how would you like to nourish your senses?



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