I feel sorry for my son he has inherited the short gene from my side of the family. There are some things that he can do but then he has difficulty doing other stuff that kids his age do. My son was born a premie and we have never let him be behind or anything so we have always bought him toys fr his age and pushed him to either figure it out or learn how to play with a toy. So you could imagine how happy I was when I got to review the Strider bike. To figure out the size of a bike you can use the bike size chart kids, and get the right one.

What is awesome about the Strider bike is that the seat adjust up or all the way down which is great because a lot of  bikes don't adjust that far down and the kids can't play with them. The handlebars adjust up or down which is another great quality of the strider bike. I love that even the young babies 18 months can use it.



I got the strider bike out of the box and got it ready for my son. When he came home he was so excited about the bike that he couldn't wait to use it. He got on it and it took him a few times to get the hang of sitting on the bike and balancing himself. Once he got the hang of it he was riding it all over the house. We even took it outside so he could try it on the sidewalk. We let him ride it outside for a few minutes then we came back in and he had fun riding the bike through the house. I can't wait till its summer and he can go outside more to let him ride his bike.

The strider bike is a great gift if you're looking for a gift, or a Christmas gift then this is the present. I recommend this bike for anyone. You can purchase the Strider bike at Amazon, Wal-Mart  Strider  .

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  1. Such a great starter bike for the little ones. I would use a Balance Bike for my kids!

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