Your mattress is very easy to get stained. Mattresses typically get stained with blood, urine other body fluids. It's always best to remove them as early as possible with cold water and soap. But let's be real. We always tend to forget and even care about it.


For someone who loves to sleep and is a bit more portly, it is very important to take good care of our bed. Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed can affect the quality of sleep. And if your mattress is stained and you let it dry. Bacteria and dust will most likely accumulate and give off foul odor. And you wouldn't want to sleep in a dirty and smelly bed, would you? Take a moment to know different possible stains your mattress can get and how to remove them.


For blood stains, combine a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide with a tablespoon each of liquid soap and salt. Make a paste and rub it in the spot. Let it dry and scrape the residue. If any stain remains, wet a clean white towel and dab it in the hydrogen peroxide. Spot clean the remaining stains. Use this solution only for white mattresses.


Urine is another common stain in mattresses. This is typically found in a child's bed. Urine stains can be very stubborn and hard to remove. But this two-step procedure will help you get rid of that nasty stain.  First, combine 3 tablespoon of baking soda, 8 ounce of hydrogen peroxide and a drop of liquid dish soap. Next, dab this solution to the spot. Remember, dab it on the spot but do not drench your mattress with the whole solution. Wait until the spot dries. Then make dry foam using a combination of 3 tablespoon detergent powder and a tablespoon of water. Spread this on the stain and allow setting for about 30 minutes. When it dries, vacuum the spot.


Lastly, for body fluids like sweat and vomit use undiluted ammonia. Make sure to open your windows, wear a mask and use a white rag for this step. Damp a clean white rag with enough ammonia and blot it on the area needed to be cleaned. To neutralize the ammonia, sprinkle the area with baking soda. This will also effectively pull out any accumulated moisture from your bed. Let it dry and vacuum thoroughly right after.


Now that you know how to clean these stubborn mattress stains, it is still best to know how to prevent them. Taking proactive steps is still the best way to avoid future problems with mattresses. Here are some tips you need to know on how to avoid these stubborn stains.


  • Use mattress protectors. Currently, mattress protectors is  widely used because it effectively helps get rid of bed bugs, allergens, dust mites and even protect your mattress from stains. Choose the one with zippered style with breathable fibers. This can be costly but trust me; it's easier to take off your mattress protectors than fiddle around trying different cleaning method to remove stains in your mattress.
  • Look for a mattress protector with a guarantee and warranty.
  • Always avoid eating and drinking near or on your bed.
  • Train your kids to pee before bed time to avoid urine stains.
  • Take a shower every night before you go to bed. For girls, always remember to remove all your makeup before sleeping to avoid makeup stains in pillows and blankets.


So now that you know how to get rid and prevent these stubborn stains from messing your bed, rest assure that you'll get your mattress on top condition all the time. You will be able to sleep well in a nice and clean bed.

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  1. Baking soda is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? I also use it to clean the bathroom in lieu of bleach. Have any tips for cleaning stains on colored material? I’m scared to use baking soda on our couch because it might mess up the color!

  2. Thanks for the detailed Guide.

    I think a Waterproof Mattress protector is a great thing for getting ride of stain. What do you think?

  3. Cleaning your mattress using baking soda is very effective especially if you want to do away with blood and urine stains. However, to lessen your work using a waterproof mattress topper is a noble thing.

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