Kitchens are the heart of the home. Once we have included new cabinets and flooring, we often forget about the lighting. Lighting can change the whole appearance of the room. It can make it look more airy and bright. But, it can also create a cosy, welcoming feel. Lighting is much more than a central bulb. It can be a centrepiece for aesthetics. Of course, many people forget how important lighting is. So, if you want to transform the whole look of your property, they are some simple and effective things that you can use.


Lighting can revamp and re-shape the whole of your kitchen. Here are some stunning ideas that you can get your teeth into.


Charming Chandelier


Chandeliers have often been used in hallways and living rooms. But, what about the kitchen? Opting for opulent lighting solutions means thinking outside of the box. Chandeliers can be a gorgeous way to transform the look of your entire kitchen. Opt for mirrors and glass affairs to make your home come alive. A Kichler chandelier works best in monochrome, contemporary kitchens. If you have a more retro, country feel to your home, a chandelier won’t work. Couple the glamour of a high gloss kitchen with an ornate chandelier for a decadent touch to your home.


Bazaar Inspired


Unleash your inner Middle Eastern goddess with bazaar inspired lanterns and lighting. You don’t have to stick to huge lighting features in your kitchen. Adding pure brass and pewter toned lanterns offers an alternative and chic look to your home. As the lanterns can be quite small, opt for two pendant style lanterns that are equal distance apart. Place them over a significant feature in your kitchens such as a work station or Aga for a dramatic effect.


Glass Pendants


Not all that glitters is gold. When it comes to lighting, why not opt for glass? Okay, it may be a little more high maintenance than metal materials. But, it can transform a contemporary kitchen into an even chicer space all round. The key to pulling off the all-glass look is to make sure that you opt for simple, clean lines. Circular and spherical light fittings are a must. Hang one, centrally in your kitchen for a gorgeous glow that is modern and crisp.


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Contrast Crazy


You don’t have to stick to the same tried and tested ways of hanging lights. Why not compare your lights for a quirky and alternative effect? Always opt for the same style of material or feature so that the look seems cohesive. Opt for all wrought iron black metal shades but contrast the styles and shapes of the light fixture itself. This kind of look ensures that lighting is made a keen feature within the room. After all, feature walls are so last year!




Lamps are not just for the bedroom. They can be used in the kitchen too. Adding a small, stylish lamp to your countertops can transform the room. If you have a rustic-inspired kitchen, this is an elegant and kitsch touch that you can add.


Lighting doesn’t have to be boring. Use your imagination and see how you can transform your home.



























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