A beautiful bathroom is often craved in the home. After all, it’s a commonly used room and should be treated as the valuable space that it is. So many of us are guilty of allowing the bathroom to become nothing more than practical and functional room. We forget that we can spruce it up and make it a stunning feature within our homes.


With spring firmly on its way, it’s time to give the house a small makeover. You can spruce up your bathroom in the nick of time, to keep it fresh and exciting for the change of seasons. The bathroom, typically, is a smaller space, so you will have no problem completing this simple DIY task over the course of a weekend.


Get the Paint Out


Interior design rule number one is to make sure that you have freshly painted walls. Small bathrooms can be spruced up with ease. Simply head to your local DIY store and pick up some new paint. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but updating the paint in your bathroom can give your space a whole new lease of life. For an on-trend look this spring, opt for bold blues and stark whites for a nautical theme. Or, if you want something less brash, give greys and mustard tones a try. These can look exquisite when paired with chrome features. Don’t be afraid to try accent colours in your bathroom either. They can look fantastic.


Dress the Bathroom Window

Hands up if you are guilty of simply putting a blind up at the bathroom window? You can have fun with a bathroom window space. Even smaller bathrooms can look fantastic with some simple window dressing. Add lightweight voiles to the window for dramatic, vintage charm. The lightweight material will not weigh heavily, thus creating the illusion of a light and airy space.


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Mirrors are oh-so important for bathrooms. They are not just practical. They serve an aesthetic purpose too. Double vanities for small bathrooms can create the illusion of light and space. For larger bathrooms, opt for a heavy gilded frame to give your bathroom some old-school charm. Lighted mirrors can ensure that you have the space to put on your make-up and see to brush your teeth. Mirrors should be used sparingly to avoid a hall of mirrors affects. The key to using mirrors in the bathroom is to keep it simple, low-key and elegant.



Chalon Handmade

Lights, Camera, Action


Lights are necessary for the bathroom, but you want to avoid anything with a harsh glare. Simple spotlights can add a contemporary yet chic look to your bathroom. What’s more, they are perfect space-savers. But, if you have a large, imposing space, don’t be afraid to dress up the bathroom with an elegant glass chandelier. It can transform your bathroom virtually instantly, and you can get some seriously cool looking pieces without breaking the bank.


Give your bathroom some love this spring with these simple yet useful tips. You can transform your bathroom in an instant.

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