Not everyone’s blessed with a man who can style himself, and it can sometimes ruin an Instagram-worthy post or your cutesy #RelationshipGoals photos. Great as they are, the men in our lives usually just pick up whatever’s on top of the pile.


Well, worry no more! In this article, we picked the five biggest brands for men that you can turn to for style inspo. Whether you’re looking for something casual, sporty, or low-key fancy, these clothing brands have got your back covered. Enjoy!

  1. Vans

If you’re into streetwear, Vans is one of the most affordable picks. Aside from their famous Old Skool skate shoes, they also offer a variety of clothing including tees and hoodies. Vans also collaborates with pop culture characters like Star Wars, The Simpsons, and the cutest so far, Peanuts.



Style tip: You can wear matching oversized hoodies or long sleeves, pair it up with joggers and sneakers, and you’re good to go!


  1. H&M

H&M has a wide range of different clothing styles, whether you want your guy to look stylish or laid back. They’re a fast-fashion company, so most of the clothes you’re eyeing right now might be gone after a new collection. If you’re into KPop, then you might be familiar with BTS’ Jin’s musical notes shirt. Yes, I’m talking about that $12 shirt from H&M.


(Photo from Poshmark)


For $12, you can dress up your guy like a fancy KPop idol. KPop not your thing? The good news is H&M still has a lot of collections to choose from! Just pick whatever you think suits you and your guy.


Style tip: For a more laid-back look, you can style a plain-colored shirt with a denim jacket, slim fit jeans, and boat shoes. Minimalist and clean without looking too basic? Check!




  1. Tommy Hilfiger

If you want your guy to look classy without being too flashy, Tommy Hilfiger’s a good brand. Their polos give that sleek vibe, which is perfect for a lowkey but put-together look. Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes are pretty straightforward so styling them shouldn’t be too difficult. Aside from their plain polo shirts, they also have printed ones for a slightly more adventurous look.


Style tip:

For you: A tucked-in, plain-colored polo paired with a patterned skirt and white sneakers.

For your guy: A printed polo together with plain chino shorts and sneakers. A leather wristwatch would be a nice addition, too.



  1. Nike

Known for their Jordans and Kobes, Nike is one of the go-to brands of basketball enthusiasts. If your guy’s one of them, you’d probably see him wearing basketball shoes even out of the court, paired with jeans, sweats, or a shirt. Let’s face it though, not everyone can pull off that outfit without looking too sloppy.


Nike offers not only basketball shoes but also t-shirts, trousers, shorts, and jackets. You can mix and match those, but a pair of fleece shorts is always a good pick. Comfortable without losing that “game ready” look, fleece shorts provide a nice break from the typical polyester bottoms.



Style tip: You can wear an athletic sweater and running shoes with your fleece shorts for a cute yet casual look. 

  1. Superdry

If you’re into Japanese streetwear or that neon lights aesthetic, Superdry is the best choice. Warning, though: their variety of jackets and cargo pants can make it hard for you to pick just a few! That said, you can’t go wrong with their striped pieces, camouflage prints, and embroidered tops.


Style tip: Accessories play a huge part in this style, so don’t be afraid to complement this look with a beanie or a bucket hat. A belt bag draped over your chest works great, too


Get him ready for that perfect, stylish date

Achieving that cute relationship photo (or even just looking great while you’re out on a date) is not that hard. Learning how to style your guy can be made easier by turning to tried-and-tested clothing brands that won’t break the bank. Transforming your guy’s dressing skills doesn’t have to be expensive. You just need to curate your guy’s wardrobe depending on the style he’s comfortable with. Have fun!


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