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“I have nothing to wear!” say a lot of women in front of their closets every single day. Does that sound familiar? Well, many are guilty of this dilemma, even if the cabinet is overflowing with clothes. This mind-set leads one to shop and blow money on yet another set of outfits that, if not used only once, will never be worn at all.


The fashion industry loves this kind of thinking; this is the very reason clothing brands continue to have spectacular growth over the years. This demand on more pieces of clothing only adds to the industry’s 10 percent contribution to the global carbon emission or, in other words, the slow killing of the environment. 


So before thinking about shopping for the season’s newest collection, why not try to recycle those old yet unforgotten clothes? At the end of the day, it is not about the latest trend but the styling, which is totally free of charge. 


Below are some tips to come up with new outfits out of the same set of clothes that have always been sitting inside the wardrobe.

Learn to Mix and Match

There is no harm in mixing up different pairs of clothing to create a whole new look. Remember, your style, your rules—so go ahead and try to pair up clothes, just like the ones in the following examples:



  • Shirt under Dress



Every girl should have a little black dress in the closet, but who says these are only for date nights and cocktail events? Turn it into a casual outfit by wearing a comfortable shirt under the dress.



  • Shirt on Top of the Dress



Not in the mood to show too much skin? Throw a cute statement tee on top of that spaghetti-strap dress, pair it with sneakers, and voilà, another cute outfit. 


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Styling Is the Key


Styling or putting some attitude to outfits will not cost a single cent. Search for style inspirations on Pinterest, or try these styling hacks that never go out of fashion:



  • Cuff Your Jeans



Do not let your jeans’ hemline hide that show-stopping pair of shoes. Instead of choosing which among the pieces should stand out, why not highlight them both by rolling those jeans up a bit? Cuffed jeans help highlight both the jeans and the footwear while you’re looking like a boss babe.



  • Drape Your Blazer 



Feeling cold but you wanna make it fashionable? Drape those blazers, girl! It can also work with jackets. Rock it in the office, on date night, or during a casual hangout with girlfriends.



  • Knot It

The best way to turn a boring shirt into a fun and artistic one is by knotting it right in the middle or on the side. It is not just defining the waistline, but it’s also more playful than just simply tucking the shirt in.

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Don’t Forget the Accessories

Accessories give an additional accent to complete the overall look. However, accessories can also make a significant impact on turning old clothes into a whole new outfit. Take the following, for example:



  • Belt



Transform an oversized button-down shirt and a coat into a chic piece that fits the body by fastening it with a belt. It’s not necessary to have a flashy designer logo on it; as long as the leather or material is in good condition, it will surely do its magic. A belt on top of oversized outfits defines the shape and completes a laid-back yet polished look. 



  • Pearls



Got an artificial pearl necklace that you no longer use? Don’t throw it just yet; instead, use it to give some clothes a new look. Sew it on the collar, sleeves, shoulder pads, or even on jeans.


Sell DIY Clothes Online


Before thinking about donating, passing down, or throwing away old clothes, go ahead and grab the scissors, do a little DIY, and start selling clothes online. Here are some clothes-revamp ideas.



  • Old Shirt



Turn a boring shirt into a sexy one by transforming it into a cropped top, an off-shoulder blouse, a fringed top, or a cardigan. 



  • Old Jeans



Worn-out jeans? No problem! Just grab a pair of scissors and a razor blade to make distressed yet fashionable jeans. 



  • Shapeless Dress



Lost a few pounds and now left with loose clothing that hides your body shape? Do a little magic by cinching the dress. Simply turn the dress inside out, gather all the extra fabric in the middle part of the dress, twist, and tie into a knot. Flip the dress right side out, and see how it magically transforms into a more figure-flattering style. 

Bottom Line


Who says being fashionable gets to break the bank? These styling hacks will surely inspire everyone to look more into the clothes that are in the closet rather than find what is lacking. With just a little creativity, you get to save money and level up your styling game at the same time. 

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