With this Simons of London phone case I can run to the store at the last minute and not have to lug my whole purse with me. I can just stick my id and license in the two card storage slots on the back. I love how stylish the leather case is. I also like that it has a stylish and elegant presentation box for gift giving. It has all the openings that a regular phone case has. It protects your phone while making it look stylish and not clunky. It is all handmade. It has a leather outer coverage and a fine suede inner lining.
I really liked the case that I bought at the time with my phone. But, I absolutely love that this case has two slots for id and credit card. And with it being leather I am thinking it will definitely last as long as I have the phone if not longer. I just may have to make sure my next phone, when or it I ever, get one fits this case so I don't have to buy another one. I love the rich, dark brown of this case.
I love recommending things that I myself love, would use and would be proud to recommend. If there is one thing that I will be getting everyone in my life for a gift, it will be this phone case to fit each of their phones.
I have had many phone cases over the years and this one beats them all. My whole family has bought a phone case from here. We will be buying our phones cases from here in the future also. They have several styles and colors to choose from.
Anyone who knows me better be prepared because I love this phone case and it is the only one I will be recommending for a long time to come.
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