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I'd like to talk about two children's books first in this review. It is about the adventures of a young girl named Paris who is 5 years old. My daughter loved these books, she was very close to her age and as well wants a baby sister or brother, however she will never have that wish fulfilled, with that being said, the first book is My Twins First Halloween, the book takes you pumpkin picking, and costume shopping but Paris just can't seem to find that costume that she loves Grandmato the rescue, Paris and her twin sisters go out and have fun and are scared at the creepy houses, the book is well written and funny, informative and cute.

Next we have Paris goes to LosAngeles, she is on a family trip for her Uncle's 50th Birthday party and is excited to see her cousins, The book takes you to many different locations, places you may have heard about but never knew much about and you'll get to travel there with your child thru this book, pretty interesting.From the Hollywood sign to Catalina to the San Diego Zoo, and many more stops along the way, even a very short train ride.Your child will love it, trust me!


For all of you that are on a Gluten-Free regimin New Year Publishing has The Essential Gluten-Free Grocery Guide. It's a 5th edition and has 44,000 products in it that are gluten-free including 3,300 brand names, I had no clue there were so many items that were gluten-free, this book has dairy, juice, beverages,baking supplies, canned and packaged food, bread, cereals pasta, snacks baby food…it has everything you could possibly think of, it is the perfect guide to help you along your weight watching journey.

And last but not least we have the ABC's of Networking written by Thom Singer, It talk about building your business network of Professional contacts. A Attitude B Brand etc, this mini handbook has afew pages from a-to-z to help you understand important knowledge on building the network to make it grow and blossem, it's small size fit's easily into a briefcase or purse for ease of access, it can be read on a plane or in a coffee shop, and please share it with co-workers and business associates to inspire others to excel at cultivating their business relationships.

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