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Subscriptions To Make Anyone’s Day Once a Month!

Who doesn’t love getting something new every single month?  You feel like a kid again when you get your package in the mail wondering what you will get this month and anticipating as you open the package – it’s like it’s your birthday once a month!  I would like to tell you about a few cool subscriptions you can get or give to someone to make their day once a month!


The first is perfect for anyone who loves music.  The Music Box is a monthly music related subscription of you guessed it, music.  You get music from featured artists once a month.  There is The Envelope, which is a CD with a compilation of various artists and genres.  There is also The Music Box which is 2 CD’s and extras such as stickers, guitar picks, wristbands, download cards, etc.) and you choose the genre such as Pop Rock, Pop Punk Alt/Indie, Rock, Hard Rock/Metal.   Perfect for any music lover who loves to discover new music and wants to be ahead of the trend by hearing featured artists first.  There is also Threads Monthly which also includes a shirt, 2 jewelry items, and 1 accessory.


The next one is perfect for expectant moms or new moms.  Tonttu Box is filled with natural spa & beauty products, hair care essentials, healthy and delicious snacks for the expectant mom, and once her bundle of joy arrives the box can also contain accessories, books, and unique handmade items for babies (age/gender appropriate).  When a woman is expecting she can feel uncomfortable, her hormones are all over the place, and the Tonttu Box will be a wonderful pick-me-up that shows her that somebody cares (and might score their significant other brownie points so if you are that significant other, hint, hint!).  


Now, if you are the mom of a furbaby, specifically dogs, I have a monthly subscription that you can get for your dog, and even get a little something for yourself while you are at it.  Surprise Pawty is a monthly subscription that sends treats and toys for your dog and a little something for you every month.  You tell them the size of the dog, pick a subscription plan (monthly, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months), and then tell them about your dog (including any allergies or things you think they might need to know when putting the box together).  Then you can delight in seeing your best friend so excited every month to see what new toys and delicious treats they will be getting.


The next one is food – who doesn’t love food?  Who doesn’t love when a meal is made for them?  Share Crate allows you to send homemade meals to someone, it’s a one time gift  “although it’s not a subscription …”   All they have to do after receiving the meals is put them in your oven and wait for them to be done.  Instructions are included so there is no guesswork and anyone can do it.  This would be great for a new parent who is tired and busy with a new baby.  They will appreciate not having to put together a whole meal and will appreciate your thinking of them.  They get a lot of things for the baby, but this will be something unique to show that you have not forgotten about them!  It would also be great for anyone who maybe is taking care of someone who is sick because that can be very time consuming also.  Or maybe you just know someone who isn’t that great of a cook and always orders or grabs fast food, this way they will be getting a nice homemade nutritious meal!  You know when this would come in handy especially? Around all the holidays when people are cooking all day long, the last thing they want to do is prepare their own dinner for that night after prepping dinner for the following day – this would be perfect for them to just pop in the oven and not have to worry about orderin


The last one I would like to tell you about is Happy Box.  Talk about an all occasion care package – they have one for anything you can think of, including a break up box which will definitely cheer up anyone going through a tough time but there are also boxes for happier occasions like a holiday box, a birthday box, an engagement box, a puppy mom box, an expectant mom box, and even a hangover box!  They have everything covered.  Any box you send anybody will show them that you care even about the little things in life such as a break up or hangover – maybe not so major in the grand scheme of occasions but when it is happening to them, it’s huge and they will appreciate that you cared enough to send them a Happy Box! And happy they will be!  Custom boxes are also available!

So no matter who is on your gift list or what they enjoy, you will definitely find something that is perfect for them and will surprise them month after month!!