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I am so thrilled to share Succulents box with you! Over the past couple of years, I have become more in love with nature and plants. Specifically, household plants that I can display in my house and provide me with a warm and cozy feeling. This company, Succulents Box, is a business that provides actual living succulents shipped to your home, to give you plants that have amazing abilities to thrive in poor soils and low water conditions. The beauty of succulents is that they are an indication of endurance, harmony, and timelessness. The succulent is representative of a modern woman who has a heart that is gently, kind, and strong.

Golden Barrel Cactus

I received two precious succulents from Succulents box. The Golden Barrel Cactus, and an Aloe Brevifolia. They are both beautiful four inch plants that come neatly packaged in bubble wrap and styrofoam peanuts, in a plastic pot. The soil is already pre-moistened. They are actual living succulents that arrive to your front door! The Golden Barrel Cactus is also known as a echinocactus grusonii. It is covered with long golden spines, that are very prickly and plentiful on the cactus. The spines are actually beautiful to look at as it brings back memories of when I would go camping during the summers in Arizona. The golden yellow spines, give it its name of “Golden Ball.” This cactus is native to Brazil and Paraguay. What is surprising is that the cactus can grow three feet in height! It makes for a lovely addition to a rock garden as it becomes a stunning focal point. In the summer, it produces large yellow flowers. The flowers form a pretty crown around the top of the plant. This type of plant needs lots of sun, and a soil mix to stay alive.

Aloe Brevifolia

The Aloe Brevifolia is a gorgeous rosette forming type succulent. It has rosettes of gray leaves that build up on each other to form a clump that can become a foot tall. Each rosette gets to be about three inches wide. The rosettes are triangular in shape, are very thick, and are pale gray leaves that have white spines along the sides of it. There are also a few spines along the keel of the lower surface. In the late spring, spikes appear that flourish orange tubular flowers. I am so excited for when that happens! I really love plants, as I feel they are soulful creations that bless you with their presence. The unbranched spikes can rise up to twenty-four inches. For this plant, as well as the Golden Barrel Cactus, you need to have a good amount of soil that has drainage holes in their pots. They need bring light and good airflow. You would water about every one to two weeks, feeling if their soil is still moist to the touch.

Care For Them

You would never let your succulents sit in water and you would never water their leaves. Make sure to pour off excess water from the plant as it can cause the plant to die. The hotter it is outside, the faster the soil dries out, so make sure to water more often as needed. In respects to that, you will also be careful when watering in the winter, as if the roots stay cold and wet, it can frost and scar the plant. There is an instruction card that comes with each shipment. You should keep it to remember how to care for your beautiful succulents. I especially, love the Aloe Brevifolia, because now that it is summer, I can use part to its rosettes to rub on my skin if I get sunburn. Aloe has such great benefits!

Beautiful and Healthy Succulents

Succulents Box has a guarantee that they only ship out beautiful healthy plants. They will replace your package if your plant does not arrive as expected. I truly love all the options that they provide to choose from. You can shop on their website by genus or characteristics. A few of my favorite are the String of Pearls, Dragon's Blood Sedum, or the Sedum Tricolor. Pretty much, all the succulents provided contain their own beauty to offer. You can pick if you want more of an indoor plant or outdoor plant as well.

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