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Do you know what is a big deal? Having a place that you can go to and make choices for yourself. For me, one fit or cut doesn’t fit all and it would be nice for companies, to hear their clients when it comes to designing and picking their own clothes. I am a bigger girl, and sometimes clothes that fit me around my waist, don’t fit me on my arms. Or clothes that fit me on my arms, don’t fit me around my bust. Honestly, it’s not fair. But you know what is fair? It is Sumissura. They are a master of tailors, making it easy to find clothes that work for me, thru customization.


Sumissura will help you design your suit pants, suit skirts, shirts and tops, blazers, pants, dresses, trench coat, and skirts. How do they do that— through customization.  As a unique company that offers customization from their website, life couldn’t get any easier, or any better for a fact. What you do is choose your own colors, cuts, thread and build away until you come up with a custom look that you feel good about. From every little detail that you would not even normally think about in a garment, you have the full power to choose.

To make customization in your garment even easier, Sumissura has a system that helps you measure your body size. You add your height and weight, and select a few things like bust size and hip size, then measurements that are true to you are automatically generated! It makes life ten times easier. I have not found any other website that makes clothing design so easy.

My Blazer is Gorgeous

I have a beautiful blazer that I am proud to wear, customized by me, and made by Sumissura. The quality of my blazer blows my mind as it was made perfectly to the dimensions and trimmings that I have chosen so specifically. I have requested a pocket here, or extra buttons there, even an elbow patch, and I have received it exactly. What I am even more amazed with is the fit. It really fits me like a glove! I have no regrets in ordering through Sumissura. It was easy and so much fun to order through them. Shipping was a breeze and packaging was like opening up a present.

Sumissura will even come with instructions on how to care for your clothes so they can last a long time.

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