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Summer infant is a very familiar baby product. Household name. The baby zoom wifi video monitor and internet viewing system 28630.  I have had several different monitors and most of them work great. It depends on what you are looking for in a video baby monitors​​​​​​​.  With the baby zoom wifi monitor you are getting everything a parent need to view their child from home and away. There are not many monitors that you can view your little one while you are away from the house. There is an app that you download onto your phone. Scan the we code on the bottom of your camera. This is to ensure only you are able to see your child. In order to link the monitor to your phone you need this code. Once you power on your camera they will sync. This is great for that working parent or date nights when you want to check on your little one. There is a privacy mode you can up the camera on so that you can restrict out of home viewing. This allows you to control when they can view. When it is not in privacy mode you can take video, snapshots and will be securely stored on your phone or tablet. You can also record your baby anytime while watching live video. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iOS, 6.0 or higher. And android  phone or tablet, android 2,3,4 pr higher. The smart devices are not included with the baby monitor.

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The monitor has handheld portability with a 2.5″ color video screen to remotely control camera, view temperature in baby's room, use two way communication, monitor overnight with automatic night vision, and more. The range of the in home handheld monitor is 400 ft. You can remotely control the camera to keep the whole room to view. The pan and scan feature moves the camera left to right and up and down. You can get a closer view on the screen with Multi level zoom.
The monitor also includes two way communication. You can soothe your little one with the sound of your voice. By speaking into your smart device or handheld monitor. Your voice will be projected through the camera at anytime. You can also add extra cameras. So you can continue to meet the needs of your growing family. The camera also has split screen technology. For viewing more then one room at a time when additional cameras are added to the system. They are sold separately.
With this summer baby zoom wifi camera video monitor and internet viewing system it has everything I need. Clear pictures and static free connection. I also had put other baby monitors on to see if it would interfere with the connection and it did not. This monitor is a great gift for the mother to be or a great holiday gift with little ones. For more information click here.


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