Summer time is here, and that means, family gatherings and all those awesome pool parties. If your like us we love to have pool parties and what's a great way just to relax is, floating around on an awesome raft.

Derby Duck

The classic Derby Duck goes Big! Now a pool inflatable that adds cool to your pool and will provide endless hours of fun for you and your family. Makes a great lounger for hanging out poolside and features 4 handles for the safety of you and your passengers as well as cup holders so you never have to leave your friendly duck.


Game's Design on this Giant Inflatable Duck includes some sweet easy to use straps for your paddle cause some people just got places be.  There are 3 places to inflate. The body section inflates really quickly. The reason for that is that the plug is very large so when using a car inflator it goes really fast. The tummy section or the section that you sit on and the head have very small plugs. The plugs are the kind of plugs that you see on a regular size float.  We are having the best time with this, Devon thinks its only his, he gets in and thats it, hours floating around on his duck.


Introducing the NEW GAME Bluetooth Underwater Light Show Speaker! Relax effortlessly in the pool to soothing sounds or add a crazy beat to any outdoor party with the GAME BT wireless pool sound system. This easy to use waterproof speaker system is completely wireless and uses Bluetooth 3.0 to instantly pair with your Bluetooth enabled phone or musical device. The magical underwater light show works with the sound of music and turns your pool party into the most talked about party of the year.



Keep the party going strong  even after its dark out. with this great speaker you can have a light show in the pool.  Be the center of attention at your next pool party. Be sure to play a fun tune as the light show part of the unit plays with the beat of your soundtrack.  This new Bluetooth Speaker and Light Show is equipped with built-in rechargeable batteries. Make sure to let the unit charge until the charge light turns blue to maximum the output of the speaker volume and the light show. Fully charged, you can play the music and run the light show for up to 6 hours or use the light show function only for up to 10 hours so plan for a fun and long pool party.


Pool time  has never been more fun. Would you like this duck and speaker?

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