In the summer I tend to stick with drinks that are light and refreshing.  When it comes to summer and wine, I find that rose is my favorite option when it comes to summer wine.  There is just something about rose and its nice pink hue, and crisp and just overall light, refreshing taste.

Out East Rose is a newly launched rose wine that I am really enjoying this summer.  It launched in May 2018 so pretty new and right now is available in New York City and the Hamptons in select retailers and restaurants.  If you are in that area, this rose is definitely worth a try.

What I love about this rose is that when I tend to drink wine, especially with dinner, there is kind of a set of “rules” as to what type of wine pairs best with certain foods.  I find this rose wine really goes with anything.  Spicy foods, Mediterranean foods, foods with garlic, oregano, thyme, rosemary (I am Italian so I do tend to eat a lot of those foods), shellfish and fish dishes just to name a few.  To me it seems the spicy foods really just bring out the flavor of the wine when I drink it while eating (if you like spicy foods of course).

I always used to associate rose with a more sweet wine.  This rose totally dispels that assumption because it is not sweet at all, in fact I would say it was a dry wine.  It is a blend of Grenache and Cinsault and the grapes come from vines grown on the limestone and clay soils of the cool climate “Green Provence” from an estate in France, just to give you a little background on it.  It is a nice pale rose and like I said it is more dry so even those who might not typically drink rose will most likely enjoy this one.

You can learn more about Out East Rose by clicking here or by getting social by following them on Instagram.

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