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#SupportHerDream with a Dream Nursing Tank!

Nursing public can be a pain if your not prepared. Especially if your not wearing the right type of clothing. Usually there are two ways to pick your wardrobe: nursing wear, low cut shirts or shirts you can lift easily. If your like me then you not a fan of lifting your whole shirt to nurse while the world can see you belly flab hanging out. (who cares about side boob, look at that muffin top) So in an effort to not gross anyone out or make myself feel like the Michelin man I specifically target a few shirts. However, I have so many that go unworn because they are just not easily manipulated while breastfeeding. All those cute stylish tops were left to waste away in my closet until I found Dream Nursing Tanks by Bravado Designs.My first reaction when I received the tank top was, “Oooo it feels so nice” followed by “that has got to be too big” (much to my dismay it was not LOL) Even though it was shaped it was a perfect fit. I have no idea how they manage that going by your bra size alone but they do. The tank is stretchy and fits like a glove. My favorite feature is of course that the bra inside it is a real bra unlike those other store cami tanks that just have a liner inside. I also love that you cannot tell at all it's a nursing tank so it can be worn alone or underneath anything and with it's V neckline it works with multiple shirts and blouses. Since the material is so stretchy you can wear it as a maternity tank then postpartum and back to regular you again without any problems. The material seems to provide the perfect amount of give without wearing out or permanently stretching out.Dream Nursing Tank

As if having a nursing tank that actually supports my boobs is not enough Bravado Designs has this amazing campaign that they just launched last month, “Support Her Dream” Buy a tank, Give a tank to a mother in need. Every single Bravado Dream Nursing tank purchased one is donated to Baby Buggy to encourage and help insure that mothers in need can start their breastfeeding journey off right.

It's the perfect combination of style and comfort plus the added bonus of knowing that your purchase is doing something more than just go into the pockets of CEO's.

We wanna know, what did you use while nursing?

Visit check out the #SupportHerDream Campaign.

Enter to win 3 tanks for you and 3 tanks for a friend!

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