Who doesn't like getting surprises in the mail, I know we do and when I was asked to do a review for NYC,com I was excited to see what I would get they work with a lot of different company's. So when we got the box it was full of so many things , sure, brut, and pert plus.

I remember daddy wearing brut and how the smell made me think of him. Daddy always smelled good its funny how the smallest things can remind you of someone.



Sure: Sure Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant has kept you feeling dry and fresh under any circumstance for over 30 years. With a sleek new look and two new conditioning solids that soften and soothe skin, the brand continues to provide lasting odor and wetness protection and help you go about your day confidently. ($2.99, drugstores nationwide, www.suredeodorant.com  I like the way it felt going on and it was clear, didn't leave that white powder that a lot of them do. I loved the way it feels and I stay fresh all day.
Brut: Spark distant memories of the most beloved (and best-smelling) men in his life with the time-honored tradition of BRUT. For over 40 years, this American classic has offered a variety of products to suit all of men’s grooming needs and the brand continues to ignite nostalgia across generations today. Products include: Cologne, Splash-on, Deodorant, After Shave Balm ($3-$8, drugstores nationwide, www.brutworld.com)
Ray has used at least one of all of the things we got and he loves them all. He smells so good when he uses this and reminds me of daddy. He's very happy that after he shaves to splash some after shave on and he uses the deodorant  , He used the cologne also.
PERT Plus: This 2in1 Shampoo Plus Conditioner is an easy way to cut shower time in half and put an end to morning bathroom battles. Available in six formulas to meet everyone’s hair needs,PERT Plus leaves hair clean and manageable in one simple step. Varieties include: Classic Clean, Anti-Dandruff, Moisturizing, Volumizing, Revitalizing, Classic Clean 3in1 ($4-$7, drugstores nationwide, www.pertplus.com
I have naturally curly hair and when I look for something I need to make sure it doesn't leave my hair dry like before. I love the way the pert leaves my hair feeling so clean and soft. And so manageable  something I need because it's so frizzy at times.
We are so happy with all of the products we got and the funny thing Ray keeps asking me when were getting more lol. I cant wait to see what else I can get.

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