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Every time I have my son in the car with me he has his ipad. Recently he's been making videos and playing music on his ipad. Of coarse he has it blasting so you can't even hear the radio. With surf dawgz headphones from animalz by retrak Zachary can listen to his music and I can listen to mine. These headphones were designed for little ears with volume limiting technology that does not exceed 85db. Which makes me very comfortable knowing he will not over due it and hurt his ears.  Not only are these headphones are comparable with hid ipad they are also compatible with his DVD player, iPhone, CD players, iPods and much more. They are manufactured with high quality components and a built in retractable cable. You know how kids tangle up wires. This helps prevent that. This tangle free headphone solution was built to last with kids in mind ( especially my son). The cuddly soft fabric and lovable, cute animal dog design ensures comfort for road trips, plane rides or just casual listening. I can relax knowing that Zachary's ears are safe with retraks animalz headphones.

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These headphones have the volume limiting safety control. Crystal clear sound quality. Soft fuzzy ear pads and headband. Lightweight design. Gold plated universal tip. These headphones come in other characters. They are great for boys and girls. A great gift for the holidays. For more information click here.

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