Introducing Surf Sharks The First Ride, By Shelly and Chance Wolf. I recently had the amazing opportunity to review this book and I found it to be a delight and so did my son. This book is about three boys; Rip, Ozzy, and Wade, who are hanging out at a surf contest when they find these three sharks; Mavrik, Talon, and Hemi, one of which gets caught in a net

Chance brings over 30 years experience as a commercial artist with high-profile credits in comic books that encompass Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spawn and Shadowhawk

The boys rescue one of the sharks, and the sharks in turn rescue one of the boys. The boys’ surfboards get destroyed, and surprise, the sharks volunteer to be their surf boards. This is really great book.

Surf Sharks: The First Ride is the first in a series of books. It’s an extraordinary story about how three young sharks and three young surfers come together to help each other escape danger and solve problems. They find friendship, respect, and a common love for the waves. This captivating adventure is filled with excitement, surprising characters, and fascinating facts about sharks. Surf Sharks—they’re righteous, radical, and always ready to ride! Check out the next big wave in children’s entertainment at surfsharks.com.

This book brings sharks to a whole new level. Surf Sharks follows the adventures of a group of young surfers and sharks who forge a friendship and ride the waves together as they help each other solve daily challenges faced by all growing kids

We received the book, stickers, and a great set of collector cards. And my nephew loved them he loves sharks so we are happy he is able to read this .

For more information visit Surf Sharks online or on Facebook!

The nice people of surf sharks is going to give one of my lucky winners a chance to win. A prize pack that includes

– A copy of Surf Sharks: The First Ride
– A sticker book
– 32 Surf Shark stickers with fun shark facts on the back

– A set of pop-up collector cards

All you have to do is enter below and good luck.

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  1. EJ (Jane) says:

    This would definitely be for my daughter & her classmates. With summer reading in full swing, reading & book swap is in full swing in our time.

  2. jeanette sheets says:

    i would keep them for my son ,thank you.

  3. Deborah D says:

    Give them to my nephew as a birthday present.

  4. Misha Estrada says:

    I would give these to my children.

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