The day before Thanksgiving is the busiest travel day of the year—between the kids, pets and luggage holiday travel can be a hassle. These 6 travel must-haves take the stress out of traveling to see family and loved ones. Amid the insanity of Thanksgiving travel, start your vacation at take-off with help from this year’s best travel accessories:

  1. Energy water: Perfect for keeping energy up during a long road trip, HYDRIVE Energy Water is a lighter and more refreshing way to get a caffeine kick. At only 30 calories per bottle, HYDRIVE Energy Water comes in a variety of nutrient-enhanced flavors to help travelers stay alert and energized for the entire trip.
  2. Noise cancelling headphones: Enjoy music in comfort with Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones. Music sounds deep, powerful and balanced while outside sounds are blocked out. With their sleek design and lightweight around-ear fit, they can be worn all day long and are easy to fit in a carry-on.
  3. Therapeutic eye mask: Stay relaxed during holiday travel using Earth Therapeutics eye mask to sleep peacefully. The form fitting REM sleep mask contours to eyes for pressure free relaxation by molding away from eyes and lashes instead of pressing up against them. The mask allows relaxed eye movement and visual stimuli while blocking out distracting light, allowing for an easy sleep in a car or plane.
  4. Portable power bank external charger: Don’t let the stress of a dying cell phone or laptop ruin a long trip. Charge electronics in a car, train or plane with the AViiQ Portable Power Bank. The power bank is packed with a large 4600 mAh battery bank and high output charging which can simultaneously charge two devices at the same time.
  5. Packing cubes: Pack smarter this year with Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter Cube Set. Keep clothes organized without having to worry about the weight – three ultra-lightweight silnylon cubes weigh less than 2.2 oz., come in a variety of fun colors and are stain and water-resistant.
  1. Portable UV Germ & Bacteria Sanitizer: Stay clean and healthy this season by sanitizing public areas including an airplane or car seat. Using ultra violet light to kill viruses, bacteria, dust mites and bed bugs, the Kikar Portable UV Sanitizer Hand Wand is light weight, easy to use and battery operated.

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