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Susie’s Hope


Based on a true story. Heartbreaking yet heartwarming. Sheds light on the horror and truth of animal abuse (Susie’s horrific ordeal as well as the poor pitbull left tied to a tree when family moved away.). It also sheds light on the tragedy of unwanted animals being euthanized and cremated. Yet the beauty of human heart shows through as kind people come together to save Susie and give her the chance at life she deserves.


As eveyone knows we love dogs, this movie was heart wrenching, made the whole family cry. How can anyone abuse a pet in any way. People are cruel and sick in this world. It is a story of sadness and loss, but also healing and triumph. It shows how together we can right the wrongs we humans have heaped on animals and toughen laws to make them think twice before treating them like trash. It also portrays the healing process of an attacked victim and how she turned a bad situation into a worthy cause.

With strength and determination, Donna sets out to change the law in North Carolina and making the penalties stricter for animal abusers.Donna recovers and, as you can see from the synopsis above, accepts another injured soul into her life. Both animal and human actors did a great job in telling this story. It is a true testament to the power that even one person (or animal!) can hold when they stick to their guns and truly believe in something. Donna and Susie successfully helped pass a law to enforce stricter punishments for animal abusers, and they continue to campaign today to promote education and awareness! Susie will steal your heart and the fact it is based on a true story is totally awesome. I learned that a dogs life does not mean much but those of us that have pets will disagree.

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