SVG Files; when you just have to craft!

With the current state of affairs around the world, people have been spending a lot more time at home, and a lot more time creating crafts and finishing projects. However, sometimes you get an idea in your mind and you have no idea where to go from there! Whether it is creating a gallery wall for family photos, artwork for the walls, or even invitations for birthdays and get-togethers, there is one type of file that reigns supreme; SVG Files!

SVG means Scalable Vector Graphic, which means that the graphics can be scaled to various sizes without quality reduction. you can download them and then use digital cutting machines such as a Silhouette or Cricut to create stunning projects instantly.

That’s not all, you aren’t limited to use SVGs on paper alone, you can also use them on other materials such as vinyl leather, felt and cotton; it all depends on the capabilities of your machine. The best thing about them is that they never become pixelated no matter how much they are altered.

SVG cut files are used by crafters to make tote bags, shirts, mugs, handmade gifts, and much more. There are also SVG Illustrations which are used by web and mobile application developers as User Interface icons. If you are a lover of hand lettering, don’t worry, they are also available.

Depending on the project at hand, the material you cut using an SVG File will be different. Imagine you are doing a makeover of your pantry, and you want to label your bins, baskets, and jars. You might use vinyl for the jars, and paper signs for the bins and baskets. All of this can be done with SVG Files, and it turns out really nicely as well!


SVG Files

Some people might think that you are limited in what you can create using SVG Files, but that is not the case at all. In fact, Design Bundles has thousands of files to choose from, for all kinds of different projects. Take a look t just a few of the projects that you can add to your to-do list…you could even create a To-Do List with an SVG Images File!

If you have ever walked into a craft store and your eye was drawn to the wall signs or farmhouse style signs, but you didn’t buy it because it was a little out of your price range…SVG Files are for you! You can easily recreate those signs using the SVG FIles from Design Bundles…check out this beautiful sign made using one such file.

The SVG File bundles from Design Bundle can also be used to create your own clothing designs. Have a family reunion coming up? Make matching T-shirts commemorating the event. Want to send you kids back to school in style, you can personalize their backpacks, folders, binders, lunch boxes, and anything else that they are taking with them. The possibilities are truly endless with SVG Files.

With summer on its way, and restrictions being lifted across the country, now is the time that people are planning get-togethers with family and friends, use an SVG File from Design Bundles to create the perfect invitation, party signs, and more!

SVG Files


Whether you are a full-time crafter or a weekend DIYer, SVG Files can help you create things that you never even thought of. You no longer have to spend crazy amounts of money to get something that “kind of fits your decor, but not really”…or is “almost what you had in mind, but it’s not exactly right”. Now you can create EXACTLY what you wanted for a fraction of the cost of buying someone else work, and you get the accolades that come along with it!

I implore all of my crafter buddies to head over to Design Bundles and check out the thousands of project ideas that they have available…then, go back again in the fall and check out the fall-themed designs, then go back again around Christmas time and MAKE those gifts that your family will love! Home decor, personalization, gifts for friends and family, or just something to do to take your mind of that which bothers you…SVG Files are available for all of it!

As for me, maybe I will head over and grab one of the Dinosaur SVG Files, and make something really cool and personalized for my Dinosaur loving nephew…I hope to see some projects pop up from all of you! Most of all, Have FUN creating new and amazing things!