Sweat Yourself Skinny At Home: What To Include In Your Fitness Space

For many, the idea to go to the gym regularly is a nightmare: It implies having to drive to be able to do their workout routine, it means staying away from their families for too long, and it is hard to arrange in a modern and busy lifestyle. In short, while getting and staying fit is an essential part of life, many individuals still feel that taking a gym membership is the wrong solution for them. If you feel the same, it is probably time to look at other options, and specifically to consider the creation of your own workout room in the comfort of your house. This belongs to a serious home improvement project, which will require the help of an architect-builder to set up. But, before you start planning the build of your fitness studio, you should consider what it means to create a fitness space in your home.


You Need To Purchase The Proper Equipment

Using your home as your workout studio implies that you need to have enough workout gear to be able to train effectively. Naturally, you cannot build a studio that will be filled with the machines you know from the gym: These are professional equipment that is designed to for heavy duty. While you might be planning to train hard, the use you will make of your own equipment is less than the use received by the machines in a gym. Consequently, you can start looking for residential workout gear, which is lighter and often a little smaller than what you are used to from the gym. You will be able to find a variety of options, from treadmills to weights, so your first step should be to research the best gear for your needs: Whether you choose to read rowing machine reviews or to try your best friend’s spinning bike, it is up to you. As a rule of the thumb, home sports studios tend to be built around a cardio zone with a treadmill or a rowing machine, for example, a muscle toning area with weights or kettlebells, and an area of specific flexibility and stretching where you can use a yoga mat and a gym ball. Make sure that your studio will be able to provide sufficient gear for each of these workout areas as you will become very quickly bored of it if it allows for only one type of fitness programs.

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Eat Healthy – Without Starving Yourself

There is no need investing in a home workout room if you have no intention to cook and eat healthy food. It is not about following a strict diet, as too many gym members wrongly prefer to starve themselves or to turn towards a protein-only diet in an attempt to become fitter. Creating a vitamin and nutrient deficiency is not what can make you fit, and is certainly not a diet that you will be able to follow in the long term.  When it comes to eating healthy food, what matters is to revisit your eating habits and understand where the problems lie: For example, you could be more tempted to skip a meal and then indulge in a sweet craving in the afternoon. This is not a balanced diet! Start your fitness path by identifying the areas where your behavior is causing issues and take a step towards changing it. Additionally, experimenting with healthy recipes is the best way to discover what work for your body and your lifestyle. Healthy eating habits do not mean depriving yourself of the food you enjoy, but simply avoiding the trap of overindulgence and learning to recognise vitamins from sugar bombs. This will gradually help you to feel better, and you will start noticing that your performance in the home studio is improving as you body gets stronger and fitter. In short, fuel your body with the right type of energy to experience the wonder of fitness!


A Real Fitness Space

Your home workout studio needs to be separated from the rest of your house: It has to be a room in its own right. You cannot leave your sports gear in the middle of the lounge. There are two main reasons for it: Firstly, it will gradually become part of your home décor, and that’s when it is easy to ignore its presence; secondly, you may not want the smells and sounds of your workout to take over the entire house. Sweat is only sexy as you train, not as a scent for your living room! As you plan your fitness space, do make sure that you are thinking of keeping your gear in a room that is dedicated to sport only! Among the essential structural elements that your fitness studio will need, you should plan for proper flooring area to protect your floor from the marks of sports machines – commercial grade foam flooring is an inexpensive and rather effective option in this instance -, and proper ventilation solution. Whether you choose to keep the windows open after a workout session or whether you have an additional ventilation system installed for your workout room, you have to be aware that mold patches tend to develop faster in spaces that attract humidity. A room where you sweat a lot and don’t provide any air circulation will be likely to become a mold nest if you don’t pay attention to it!


Have The Right Mindset

A fitness studio is a significant investment, so you need to stand behind it. This means that you should want to go to the room and exercise. It’s never easy to stay motivated, but a motivational decoration with friendly imagery and quotes, a full-size mirror for an honest tracking of your efforts and a soundtrack that makes you want to move more are simple details that can change a lot! Remember as you train that changes happen first in your mind before they become visible on your body, so don’t be too harsh on yourself and keep at it!

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