Sweet Child Of Mine: These Are The Best States In Which To Raise Your Kids

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The results are in! According to a recent Kids Count report which is commissioned by a  foundation looking into kids welfare in different sectors, including health, education, and economic stability children who live in certain states are better off than others.  Minnesota was found in 2016, based on a range of factors including test scores, poverty levels, education, birth weight, health insurance and single parent upbringing, to be a shining beacon of hope and the best place, out of 52 states, in all of America to let your kids grow up.




So what makes the North Star state so great? Well, it might be because it’s home to over 10,000 lakes, wide open prairies, endless blue skies and apparently plenty of people love living there. The state is known, and lauded, for its progressive political candidates, which then equal high voter turnouts and healthy levels of civic participation. Here, the standard of living is better than anywhere else; Moving Companies are kept busy and according to economic data Minnesota boasts some of the best, and brightest citizens in all America. It also attracts wealthy people with more dollars than they know what to do with. Thanks to immigration in recent years the state is also very multicultural and welcomes plenty of families from Africa, Asia, and Latin America.




If Minnesota doesn’t grab you or you feel like it’s just not quite your cup of tea then what about moving to Iowa? The Hawkeye State, or the corn-fed nation is a kind of busy place and was once the center of the American agricultural industry. Des Moines, Iowa’s capital city, is a hive of political and economic activity as well as being home to the Des Moines Art Center, Trainland USA and the Living History Farms of Urbandale. Iowa, not so surprisingly when you consider it’s deeply rooted farming history is also where the World Food Prize is held. Iowan kids are said to be genuinely polite, possessing excellent manners and aren’t afraid of hard work. There’s even the long-running joke that if you bump into a golden haired, blue eyed, boy or girl with even a hint of tan, then they’re probably from Iowa, either that, or it’ll be California.




When movies and films portray suburban neighbourhoods in Connecticut it’s all about romantic New England architecture, leaves falling softly onto the ground, white picket fences, and lots of family dogs. In reality, Connecticut is all that and much more, and it’s perfect if you don’t want to live too far away from New York as it’s just to the west. One of the smallest, but most popular places in America kids here are encouraged to be outside as much as possible; many families also own small stables, cats are often seen wandering around, where they keep horses, plus it’s common for kids to own at least one dog, or more, from a young age. Hiking in woods is extremely popular as well as playing regular sessions of racquetball, plus you’ll even be able to treat your kids to a traditional milkshake as local diners are common.


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