Sweet Clothes For Sweet Kids

Give Your Sweet Kids Some Sweet Clothes Just In Time For Easter

I remember when my kids were little we always dressed them up for Easter.  We'd go to different family members' homes while the kids hunted for Easter eggs.  Unfortunately, the pretty clothes didn't hold up as well as they did.  They'd either step in mud or something else as staining!  I didn't care at the time though, as long as they had fun.  If you're looking for sweet clothes for your sweet kids, look no further than Feltman Brothers.  They have beautiful, quality clothing for children from preemie all the way up to toddlers.  The gorgeous dress they sent to me is almost indescribable, but I'll certainly try!  The dress I received is called the Easter Bunny Fly Sleeve Dress (24 Mo) and it even has some sweet embroidery on it.  My granddaughter loves it!

Sweet Clothes For Sweet Kids

Oh, Sweet Easter!

Kids absolutely love Easter, don't they?  Well, anytime a child is getting a gift and going on a fun egg hunt, they love it.  I remember when our kids were small, my sister would make these cool notecards with clues for the kids to find their baskets.  They loved doing that so much and it will always be a treasured memory.  Make this year (and every year) a wonderful memory for your loved ones.  Create a special tradition that you and your family will continue a lifetime!  That's something to hold near and dear to their hearts forever.  Happy Easter to all of our readers!


Feltman Brothers Clothing

Enough about Easter, let's talk about clothing.  The little outfits they sell are so sweet, but that's not the only reason I love them.  Their items are all made from quality materials and they'll outlast kids, which is saying something!  The Easter clothing is great because it's nice and lightweight which works perfectly with the Spring weather.  There's nothing worse than a dressed up kid that's angry and frustrated from being overheated.  That's not fun for anyone!  Oh, I almost forgot to mention, if you have a little boy and want him dressed for Easter, they have that too.  The Easter Bunny Sleeveless Shortall for boys is so sweet!



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