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Switch From Plastic To Bamboo

Let's Save Our Earth By Switching From A Plastic Toothbrush To Bamboo – It Can And Will Have A Great Impact!

Here we are in the year 2021 and we still have to talk about recycling and taking care of mother Earth.  It's sad that everyone hasn't switched over yet, but I believe if we keep talking about it, we can change them all in time.  For instance, just switching from your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one can have a great impact on our world.  Hopefully, we all want better for our environment than what we are seeing right now.  Although, I do have to say that we've made some progress.  Go Bambu is a company that can help us all do just that.  They have so many inventive products, but the one I'm going to talk about is their bamboo toothbrushes.  This is a great first step if you're new to using eco-friendly things.  So, pat yourself on the back while purchasing yours!

Why Use Bamboo?

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, which is exactly what we want, right?  However, with these toothbrushes, it's only the handle that is bamboo.  The bristles are BPA-free nylon, which is very gentle to your gums.  It even comes in a recycled kraft paper box, which can, in turn, be recycled and/or composted.  We all have to start somewhere, and in my opinion, this company is doing a great job at creating eco-friendly products that will definitely save our planet!

The bamboo that is used for these toothbrushes is completely sustainable.  As a matter of fact, the handle is antibacterial and will stop mold from growing!  That is so important in my opinion.  I hate anything that gets mold on it, mainly because my kids were allergic to it.  Not only are these brushes 100% vegan, but they've never tested on animals.  I can't imagine that companies still do this, but there are some out there still.  That completely sickens me, how about you?

Toothbrushes For Everyone

Go Bambu has toothbrushes for adults and children.  They even have a special charcoal-infused bristled toothbrush for those who are interested.  I think it would be such a great lesson to teach your children if you bought everyone in the family new bamboo brushes.  That can be a wonderful teaching moment with them too!  Here is a link for a pack of 4, if you'd like to purchase your own.  Bamboo Toothbrush – Pack of 4 – Soft, Medium, and Charcoal.

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