Too often, people place a stigma on CBD, hemp, or whatever the word de jour may be for the ‘refer madness!!' Sympleaf Sport CBD is single-handily changing that perception through education and partnership, such as the one they recently made with certified personal trainer and fitness expert Amy Kiser Schemper. Known as the face (and fit) behind the wildly successful BodyFit by Amy YouTube channel, which just celebrated its 10th Anniversary, has nearly 900K subscribers, and has earned over 100 million lifetime views, Amy is an advocate of an uplifting, positive, and weight-inclusive approach to fitness and nutrition. Her motto, “Be where you are today,” exemplifies her commitment to making fitness accessible to everyone and her belief that if you “just show up,” you can be successful- an ethos very close to the Sympleaf Sport CBD core values.

The partnership has been a successful one, with fans joining Amy in a recent workout outside the Atlanta Braves ballpark as a part of Sympleaf's 420 celebrations, which also included a charity golf tournament and co-founder Joe Salome taking the mound for the ceremonial first pitch at the game that evening.

Sympleaf Sport CBD's strategic focus on product development for athletes has propelled its foray into the sports marketing arena. This expansion includes high-profile partnerships with professional teams like the Atlanta Braves, the ECHL Atlanta Gladiators, and the NLL Georgia Swarm. The brand's roster of sports ambassadors now includes World Surf League (WSL) star and Olympian Brisa Hennessy, CrossFit star Kyra Milligan, and pro fisherman/waterman Mike Hennessy. These efforts are further bolstered by its support of nonprofit affiliations, such as the Kyle Pease Foundation, which champions the empowerment of disabled athletes through inclusive sports platforms. These efforts further align with its support of nonprofit affiliations, such as the Kyle Pease Foundation, which empowers disabled athletes by creating platforms geared towards participation for all in sports.

For more information on Sympleaf Sport and its product offerings, visit You can also follow Sympleaf on Instagram at @SympleafSport.

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